A Quote by Dr. W. Edwards Deming on curiosity, dignity, joy, learning, motivation, people, and self-esteem

People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning.

W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993)

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A Quote by unknown on motivation and potential

Potential remains potential until it is motivated.


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A Quote by Sterling W. Sill on accuracy, baseball, books, day, difficulty, enthusiasm, errors, god, individuality, life, losing, motivation, people, separation, statistics, and success

In baseball we keep an accurate record of the hits, runs, and errors of each individual player. Life is also a great game, and in life the statistics are much more important than they are in a ball game. One of our human weaknesses in life is that when we are losing the game, we don't always like to keep track of the score. Certainly we are not very enthusiastic about putting the errors down on the paper, and most people don't even know what their individual batting average is. This makes our success much more difficult both to figure out and to attain . . . we cannot separate our success from our statistics. If each day we could see what God writes in his book about our works for that day, it would certainly motivate us to make better scores.

Sterling W. Sill (1903 - 1994)

Source: Told by Sterling W. Sill in Majesty of Books, p. 34

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A Quote by Professor Stephen L. Clark on animals, manners, motivation, needs, prejudice, sharing, understanding, and world

If we are to understand the animals with whom we share the world, we need to watch them, interact with them, without too much prejudice. Undestanding them, we may also understand ourselves a little more. By seeing what constrains and motivates our kindred we may, perhaps, discover what the morals and manners of the human beasts might be.

Stephen L. Clark (1945 -)

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A Quote by Scott Raymond Adams on jobs, managers, motivation, obstacles, people, and principles

I'm slowly becoming a convert to the principle that you can't motivate people to do things, you can only demotivate them. The primary job of the manager is not to empower but to remove obstacles.

Scott Raymond Adams (1957 -)

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A Quote by Robert Nozick on argument, behavior, belief, desires, goals, motivation, niceness, originality, people, philosophy, police, proof, study, thought, trying, and understanding

Philosophical argument, trying to get someone to believe something whether he wants to believe it or not, is not, I have held, a nice way to behave towards someone; also it does not fit the original motivation for studying or entering philosophy. That motivation is puzzlement, curiousity, a desire to understand, not a desire to produce uniformity of belief. Most people do not want to become thought-police. The philosophical goal of explanation rather than proof not only is morally better, it is more in accord with one's philosophical motivation.

Robert Nozick

Source: Philosophical Explanations, (from the Introduction) Nozick

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A Quote by Robert Macleod on blindness, concern, and motivation

The creator is both detached and committed, free and yet ensnared, concerned but not too much so. . . . If motivation is too strong the person is blinded; if the objective situation is too tightly structured, the person sees none of its alternative possiblities.

Robert Macleod

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A Quote by Richard Milhouse Nixon on america, belief, dreams, faith, future, generations, hope, idealism, investment, learning, life, love, men, men and women, motivation, nations, people, and women

Nothing matters more to the future of this Nation than insuring that our young men and women learn to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams, and that they develop this capacity-that you develop this capacity, so that you keep it all of your lives.... I believe one of America's most priceless assets is the idealism which motivates the young people of America. My generation has invested all that it has, not only its love but its hope and faith, in yours.

Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994)

Source: remarks at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, January 14, 1971.

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A Quote by Ric Ocasek on justice, kindness, motivation, people, society, and trying

The most important thing to a lot of people, is to belong to something that's hip or whatever. To be a part of something that's not society, just a clique. And they get real sidetracked trying to think like everyone else. They don't realize that you have to motivate yourself to do things you want to do. Some people just like going along for the ride. And those are the kind of people I don't get along with too well.

Ric Ocasek (1949 -)

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A Quote by Paul L. McKay, D.D. on christianity, civilization, cynicism, discovery, inspiration, motivation, pride, and progress

Cynics build no bridges; they make no discoveries; no gaps are spanned by them. Cynics may pride themselves in being realistic in their approach, but progress and the onward march of Christian civilization demand an inspiration and motivation that cynicism never affords. If we want progress we must take the forward look.

Paul L. McKay

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