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As you learn to leave alone the activity of unconsciously trying to be the mindbody that you think that you are - the mindbody that this "you" is currently flowing through - and you learn to move as this one that you truly are - this "you" of you; the very heart of existence - steadily, consciously and momentarily, the continuity of the ever deepening of this innermost as it keeps on entering its manifestation, through this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through, allows you to simply bubble in the sheer joy, pleasure, peace, delightfulness and stillness that this "you" of you is.



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A Quote by Walter Russell on god, division, polarity, pair, centripetal, centrifugal, motion, movement, stillness, balance, and harmony

"God divides the stillness of His omnipresent Oneness into mated pairs, and simultaneously multiplies their power to simulate His omnipotence and omniscience through fast centripetal motion. He then unites His mated pairs to simulate His Oneness, and simultaneously multiplies their speed of centrifugal motion until they disappear into His omnipresent stillness."

Walter Russell

Source: The Universal One

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A Quote by Walter Russell on universe, motion, cycle, expression, and wave

"We must learn that the electric Universe of motion is divided into wave cycles which are equally divided into opposite expressions".

Walter Russell

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A Quote by Walter Russell on nature, life, and motion

All motion is curved and all curvature is spiral.

Walter Russell

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A Quote by David Singleton on plate tectonics, life, water, and motion

Water is clearly vital for life.  What is perhaps more surprising is that water plays a crucial role in lubricating the motion of plates - without it there would be no plate techtonics. So water quickens life and the Earth itself.

David Singleton

Source: Earth Story: The Shaping of Our World, Pages: 9

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