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A Child This Day Is Born A child this day is born, A child of high renown, Most worthy of a sceptre, A sceptre and a crown: Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, sing all we may, Because the King of all kings Was born this blessed day. These tidings shepherds heard, In field watching their fold, Were by an angel unto them That night revealed and told: To whom the angel spoke, Saying, "Be not afraid; Be glad, poor silly* shepherds- Why are you so dismayed? "For lo! I bring you tidings Of gladness and of mirth, Which cometh to all people by This holy infant's birth": Then there was with the angel A host incontinent† Of heavenly bright soldiers, Which from the Highest was sent: Lauding the Lord our God, And His celestial King; All glory be in Paradise, This heavenly host did sing: And as the angels told them, So to them did appear; They found the young child, Jesus Christ, With Mary, His mother dear. *Simple. †Innumerable.


Source: Christmas song

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A Quote by Toni Cade Bambara on motherhood and religion

My mother, religious-negro, proud of having waded through a storm, is, very obviously a sturdy bridge that I have crossed over on.

Toni Cade Bambara (1939 - 1995)

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A Quote by Tom Spencer on earth, expectation, garden, good, motherhood, seasons, and sharing

All gardens, even the most native and naturalistic, benefit from the hand of an artful pruner. In this season where the garden is poised for the green flood of springtime, remember that our gardens are co-creations, shared with mother earth. And like any good mother, she expects you to tidy up your room. Now get clipping!

Tom Spencer

Source: Soul of the Garden

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A Quote by Tillie Olsen on motherhood, relationships, and responsibility

More than in any other human relationship, overwhelmingly more, motherhood means being instantly interruptible, responsive, responsible.

Tillie Olsen

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A Quote by Thurgood Marshall on america, babies, challenge, children, goals, motherhood, and worth

A child born to a Black mother in a state like Mississippi . . . has exactly the same rights as a white baby born to the wealthiest person in the United States. It's not true, but I challenge anyone to say it is not a goal worth working for.

Thurgood Marshall (1908 - 1993)

Source: c. 1980.

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A Quote by Thorstein Veblen on inventions, motherhood, and necessity

Invention is the mother of necessity.

Thorstein Veblen (1857 - 1929)

Source: J. Gross, The Oxford Book of Aphorisms, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1983.

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A Quote by Thomas Hood on life, men, motherhood, sister, and wives

O men with sisters dear, O men with mothers and wives, It is not linen you 're wearing out, But human creatures' lives!

Thomas Hood (1798 - 1845)

Source: The Song of the Shirt.

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A Quote by Thomas Hobbes on leisure, motherhood, and philosophy

Leisure is the Mother of Philosophy.

Thomas Hobbes (1588 - 1679)

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A Quote by Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh on children, fatherhood, love, and motherhood

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

Theodore Hesburgh (1917 -)

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A Quote by Tallulah Bankhead on behavior and motherhood

The less I behave like Whistler's mother the night before, the more I look like her the morning after.

Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

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