A Quote by Berthold Brecht on morality

"Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool...
Yet who Knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal."

Berthold Brecht

Source: Galileo Galilei

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A Quote by Collin Higgins on harold and maude, life, morality, vice, and virtue

Maude: Vice, Virtue. It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much life. Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you're bound to live life fully.

Collin Higgins

Source: Harold and Maude

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A Quote by Carl Gustav Jung on development, morality, victor, and white

It is really the mistake of our age. We think it is enough to discover new things, but we don't realize that knowing more demands a cor­responding development of morality.

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

Source: jung's letter to father victor white -

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A Quote by F.A. Hayek on coercion, violence, good intentions, and morality

It is indeed probable that more harm and misery have been caused by men determined to use coercion to stamp out a moral evil than by men intent on doing evil.

F.A. Hayek

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A Quote by Isaac Walton on conscience, loss, life, and morality

The person who loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping.

Isaac Walton

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A Quote by Walter Russell on business, morality, balance, nature, law, love, morals, equal, good, service, interchange, ethical, and ethics

In those early days there was a general opinion that a business man could not be honest and make money or be successful. “Business is business,” was the slogan, with the connotation that no matter how sharp your practice it was all right if you did it legally.
“That is the jungle philosophy of every man for himself,” commented Mr. Russell. “It can no longer be practiced in the business world for it works against natural law. The future of great business lies in man’s comprehension of the principle of Balance in Natural Law and his determination to work WITH it instead of against it.
“The underlying principle of Balance in Nature’s One Law is equality of interchange between the pairs of opposites in any transaction in Nature. That principle must eventually be observed by big business, and the go-getter salesman who selfishly thinks that the sale he makes is the only thing that counts is not giving equally for what he takes. Therefore, I say, that equal interchange of goods and service between buyer and seller is the keynote of tomorrow’s business world when the vision of the modern business man awakens him to the wisdom of writing that policy into his code of ethics.”

Walter Russell

Source: The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

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A Quote by PiALOGUE on morality, determined, and majority vote

Morality is not determined by majority vote.

Pi Dialogue

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A Quote by Elliot S! Maggin on right, wrong, morality, superman, and superheroes

There is a right and a wrong in the universe, and the distinction between the two is not that difficult to make.

Elliot Maggin

Source: Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Warner Books, 1978

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A Quote by Evan Esar on morality and self

I say that a man must be certain of his morality for the simple reason that he has to suffer for it.

Evan Esar

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A Quote by Henry David Thoreau on morality and goodness

Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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