A Quote by unknown on live, every, moment, last, having, and fun

Live every moment and every day as if it were your last.


Source: experience and my brain

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A Quote by Pema Chodron on unique, egoless, and moment

Every moment is unique, unknown, completely fresh.

Pema Chodron

Source: The Places that Scare You : A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times (Shambhala Classics), Pages: 21

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A Quote by William Somerset Maugham on now, present, moment, and value

The passing moment is all we can be sure of; it is only common sense to extract the most value from it.

William Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965)

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A Quote by Anne Pitkin on abundance, moment, present, now, and awareness

Father Michael says Follow the God of abundance.
Says we hurry from the moment's wealth
for fear it will be taken.

Anne Pitkin

Source: Cries of The Spirit, Pages: 33-34 (from Blue Morning Glory

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A Quote by Osho on enlightenment, thinking, moment, and presence

How can one become enlightened in one single moment? One can, because one is enlightened -- one just has to recognize the fact. It is not something that happens from the outside, it is something that arises from the inside. It has always been there but you were clouded, you were full of thoughts.


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A Quote by Chuck Palahniuk on perfection, hardwork, effort, and moment

One minute was enough, Tyler said, a person had to work hard for it, but a minute of perfection was worth the effort.  A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection. 

Chuck Palahniuk

Source: Fight Club

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A Quote by Robert Grudin on present, time, moment, awareness, and now

We pamper the present like a spoiled child, obeying its superficial demands but ignoring its real needs.

Robert Grudin

Source: Time and the Art of Living, Pages: 37

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on happiness, blessing, magic, moment, and conquest

Sometimes happiness is a blessing, but generally it is a conquest. Each day's magic moment helps.

Paulo Coelho

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on pain, suffering, resistance, judgment, negativity, moment, and ego

The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is. On the level of thought, the resistance is some form of judgment. On the emotional level, it is some form of negativity. The intensity of the pain depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment, and this in turn depends on how strongly you are identified with your mind.

Eckhart Tolle

Source: The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Pages: 27

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on fear, danger, anxiety, now, moment, and peace

The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger. It comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia, and so on. This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen, not of something that is happening now.

Eckhart Tolle

Source: The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Pages: 35

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