A Quote by bhante y. wimala on mind and enigma

the great enigma for psychologists and philosophers is the mind

Bhante Wimala

Source: lessons of the lotus

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A Quote by Bhante Wimala on mind and buddhism

mind is seen in buddhism as an activity rather than an entity

Bhante Wimala

Source: lessons of the lotus

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A Quote by Buddha on buddha and mind

the mind is pure and luminous by nature. It is defiled only by adventitious thoughts and emotions

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: lessons of the lotus

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A Quote by The Urantia Book on spiritual, mind, and gateway

While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature it is indeed the gateway thereto

The Urantia Book

Source: Urantia Book

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A Quote by jonathan lockwood huie on mind, monkey mind, snake, rattlesnake, and confused thinking

Beware the Rattlesnake of the Mind.

jonathan huie

Source: www.DanceLightly.com

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A Quote by Vladimir Antonov on mind, wisdom, soul, purpose, and love

Some important ideas from the book of early Christians which is called Philokalia:

From Spiritual Directions of Diadochus of Photiki

The acme of faith is… immersion of the mind in God.

The acme of freedom from wealth is to desire to be possessionless even as others desire to possess.

The acme of humbleness is to forget unfalteringly good deeds of oneself.

The acme of love is to enhance your friendly attitude to those who insult and revile you.

Vladimir Antonov

Source: Ecopsychology

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A Quote by Earon on religion, god, fanaticism, fundamentalism, faith, belief, mind, and consciousness

The rigidity of one's religious beliefs diminishes with the presence of faith.  Fanatacism is a grasping for order in a mind without peace and without faith.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon S. Davis

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A Quote by Ashleigh Brilliant on life, mind, and wisdom

There is a vast region of enormous potential located somewhere between your ears.

Ashleigh Brilliant (1933 -)

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A Quote by Dave Matthews on dream, light, and mind

She runs up into the light surprised
Her arms are opened
Her mind's eye is
Seeing things from a better side than most can dream

Dave Matthews

Source: Best of What's Around

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A Quote by Bob Samples on logic and mind


The metaphoric mind includes rationality, linearity, and logic - for it created them.  But like some children, the rational mind often seems embarrassed by the presence of its parents.

Bob Samples

Source: The Metaphoric Mind: A Celebration of Creative Consciousness

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