A Quote by Earon on spirituality, metaphor, paradox, process, knowledge, wisdom, hope, truth, and patience

Spiritual concepts find their clearest expression through paradox and metaphor.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon S. Davis

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on halloween, imagination, imaginary, imaginal, consciousness, experience, biography, metaphor, mask, persona, reality, spy, fiction, fictitious, luke soloman, reality creation, and manifestation

It would be Halloween. It’s always Halloween in my imaginary life. Even in my earliest years, the ones I never technically experienced but only heard about from my biographers, it was Halloween—Halloween a metaphor for donning a mask of “reality” and becoming a spy in order to expose the “real” world’s fictitious underbelly.

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 197

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on beauty, metaphor, truth, real, reality, real world, imagination, consciousness, cocreation, law of attraction, sol luckman, beginners luke, writing, visionary, literary, poetry, and novel

The beauty of a metaphor is it doesn’t have to be real to ring true. The instant a metaphor becomes real it ceases to be a metaphor, which suggests a disconnect between truth and what’s commonly referred to as reality. This is a pivotal point—that the real world probably isn’t what you believe it is, or rather, that it’s precisely what you believe it is—which, if you still don’t get it, I can only trust someday you will.

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 8

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A Quote by Gaston Bachelard on metaphor and image

The metaphor is~ an origin, the origin of an image which acts directly, immediately.

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962)

Source: The Poetics of Reverie, Pages: 70

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A Quote by Byron Katie on marriage, metaphor, divorce, honesty, integrity, yes, and no

The voice within is what I'm married to.  All marriage is a metaphor for that marriage.  My lover is the place inside me where an honest yes and no come from.  That's my true partner.  It's always there.  And to tell you yes when my integrity says no is to divorce that partner.

Byron Katie

Source: I Need Your Love-Is That True?

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A Quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on buddha, recites, sacred, texts, heedless, cowherd, cows, holy, partake, blessings, metaphor, and teaching

Much though he recites the sacred texts, but acts not accordingly, that heedless man is like a cowherd who only counts the cows of others — he does not partake of the blessings of the holy life.

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: The Dhammapada: DHP I, 19;The Buddha's Path of Wisdom, translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita,

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A Quote by William Golding on beginning, journeys, life, metaphor, and society

Consider a man riding a bicycle. Whoever he is, we can say three things about him. We know he got on the bicycle and started to move. We know that at some point he will stop and get off. Most important of all, we know that if, at any point between the beginning and the end of his journey he stops moving and does not get off the bicycle, he will fall off it. That is a metaphor for the journey through life of any living thing, and I think of any society of living things.

William Golding (1911 - 1993)

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A Quote by James Hudson Taylor on timberline, storms, fury, sturdy, trees, metaphor, strength, and persistence

At the timberline where the storms strike with the most fury, the sturdiest trees are found.

Hudson Taylor (1832 - 1905)

Source: The Pebble and the Tower‎ - Page 179 by David J. Scott quoting Hudson Taylor

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A Quote by unknown on journeys, life, metaphor, and necessity

Life is described in one of four ways: a journey, a battle, a pilgrimage, or a race. Select your own metaphors, but the necessity of finishing is all the same. For if life is a journey, it must be completed. If life is a battle, it must be finished. If life is a pilgrimage, it must be concluded. And if life is a race, it must be won.


Source: The War Cry

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A Quote by Timothy Leary on age, education, generations, history, information, life, energy, metaphor, philosophy, and science

We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. But they've got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go. Science is all metaphor. In the information age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show. If you don't like what you are doing, you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove. If you take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your sense organs seriously, if you take the energy process seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Timothy Leary (1920 - 1996)

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