A Quote by Theodore Zeldin on conversation, meeting, minds, memories, habits, meet, exchange, facts, transform, reshape, implications, engage, thought, and cards

Conversation is a meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet, they don't just exchange facts: they transform them, reshape them, draw different implications from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards: it creates new cards.

Theodore Zeldin

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A Quote by Priscilla Presley on live and memories

"When you live life and you are living the experience, you tend not to appreciate them as you are living them. It's only when you look back and realize how special they were."

Priscilla Presley

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A Quote by unknown on vulnerable, fake, friends, enimies, boys, live, love, life, memories, and teenager

I am nowhere near perfect.I eat when i'm bored.I fall for boys eaisly.I'm vulnerable to believing lies.I'm hoping that one day i wont need a fake smile.I live by quotes that explain what i'm going through.I make up excusses for everything.I have best friends and enimies.i have drama and memories.I am an average teenager(and thats life.)live it,love it...learn from it.


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A Quote by Jackie R on relationship, memories, friendship, and change

Relationships may change throughout the gift of time, memories stay the same forever in my mind.

Jackie R

Source: my mind

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A Quote by Yen Sid on reality and memories

Will the day come when this battle,
born of confusion, will end?
It is different things to different people.

Can the reality be that which is hidden?
The reason is mere existence.
Still, memories can be believed.

Be not afraid. Entrust your body to
the soothing waves of your memories.
By and by, your fleeting rest will be over…

and everything will begin.

Yen Sid

Source: Kingdom Hearts 2

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A Quote by Michael Dorris on memories and life

I watched the way you watch when you know you want to remember.

Michael Dorris

Source: Morning Girl

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A Quote by Cesare Pavese on memories, days, and moments

"We do not remember days; we remember moments".

Cesare Pavese (1908 - 1950)

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A Quote by Lee Ann Womack on life, years, and memories

Background vocals during her song "I Hope You Dance" .....'Time is a wheel in constant motion always, rolling us along.  Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder, where those years have gone.'

Lee Ann Womack

Source: Song "I Hope You Dance"

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