A Quote by unknown on church, home, meetings, preparation, and spirituality

Be prepared spiritually for things that will interrupt your spirituality . . . at home, at church meetings . . . in any situation.


Source: conference notes

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A Quote by unknown on meetings, problems, and simplicity

Any simple problem can be made unsolvable if enough meetings are held to discuss it. .


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A Quote by unknown on beauty, darkness, doubt, earth, fatherhood, grief, happiness, heaven, home, jesus, joy, life, love, meetings, pain, peace, rest, trust, wonder, and work

I am home in Heaven, dear ones; Oh, so happy and so bright! There is perfect joy and beauty In this everlasting light. All the pain and grief is over, Every restless tossing passed; I am now at peace forever, Safely home in Heaven at last. Did you wonder I so calmly Trod the valley of the shade? Oh! but Jesus' love illumined Every dark and fearful glade. And He came Himself to meet me In that way so hard to tread; And with Jesus' arm to lean on, Could I have one doubt or dread? Then you must not grieve so sorely, For I love you dearly still: Try to look beyond earth's shadows, Pray to trust our Father's Will. There is work still waiting for you, So you must not idly stand; Do it now while life remaineth You shall rest in Jesus' land. When that work is all completed, He will gently call you Home; Oh, the rapture of that meeting, Oh, the joy to see you come!


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A Quote by Anthony (Tony) Robbins on luck, meetings, opportunity, and preparation

The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.

Tony Robbins (1960 -)

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A Quote by Tom Clothier on beauty, charm, confidence, conversation, friendship, garden, meetings, needs, people, plants, pleasure, reward, and success

To garden, you open your personal space to admit a few, a great many, or thousands of plants which exude charm, pleasure, beauty, oxygen, conversation, friendship, confidence, and other rewards should you succeed in meeting their basic needs. This is why people garden. It can be easy but challenging, and the rewards are priceless.

Tom Clothier

Source: Gardening Philosophy

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A Quote by Thomas J. Watson on audiences, beginning, business, company, competition, honesty, meetings, men, merit, people, presidency, questions, spirit, time, and trade

Watson's answer to a question about competition in his first company meeting, 1914, as the new president, of the CTR (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company), the company that was to become IBM: ". . . the only way that we want you men to handle the competition proposition is the only way we can afford to allow you men to handle it, that is, strictly on the merits of our goods. . . . You people when you come down to competition-must not do anything that's in restraint of trade, anything that will restrain the other fellow from selling his goods, anything that could be construed by anybody as unfair competition," he said, stammering in his earnestness. "You know, gentlemen, it is bad policy to do anything unfair with anybody, anywhere at any time, isn't it, in business or outside of business? No man ever won except in the one honest, fair and square way in which you men are working." The audience burst into applause, interrupting Watson again and again as he assured them that he would uphold fairness no matter what the competition did. . . . The spirit of the meeting quickened; and Watson, for the first time, began to take command.

Thomas Watson (1874 - 1956)

Source: Thomas and Marva Belden in The Life of Thomas J. Watson, 1962, Little, Brown and Co.

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A Quote by Theodore Roosevelt on faith, good, meetings, people, play, and world

If we are to be really great people, we must strive in good faith to play a great part in the world. We cannot avoid meeting great issues. All that we can determine for ourselves is whether we shall meet them well or ill.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

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A Quote by Søren Aabye Kierkegaard on home, life, love, meetings, and time

No time of life is so beautiful as the early days of love, when with every meeting, every glance, one fetches something new home to rejoice over.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)

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A Quote by Sir Walter Ralegh on children, day, meetings, and sons

To His Son Three things there be that prosper up apace And flourish whilst they grow asunder far; But on a day, they meet all in one place, And when they meet they one another mar: And they be these -the wood, the weed, the wag. The wood is that which makes the gallows tree; The weed is that which strings the hangman's bag; The wag, my pretty knave, betokeneth thee. Mark well, dear boy, whilst these assemble not, Green springs the tree, hemp grows, the wag is wild; But when they meet, it makes the timber rot, It frets the halter, and it chokes the child. Then bless thee, and beware, and let us pray We part not with thee at this meeting day.

Sir Walter Ralegh (1552 - 1618)

Source: To His Son

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A Quote by Sir John Suckling on meetings

Her face is like the milky way i' the sky,-- A meeting of gentle lights without a name.

Sir John Suckling (1609 - 1641)

Source: Brennoralt. Act iii.

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