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A Quote by Douglas E. Harding on immense and brilliantly conscious capacity for eve and in me

Relying on the given facts rather than preconceptions is always sound policy.

I neither am my body nor in it.  On the contrary, it - along with the rest of my world - IS in me. 

What was wrong with alternatives (1) BEING the body and (2) BEING IN the body was the notion that, in and for oneself, one is a limited thing stuffed with a lot of even more limited things. Correct the false notion that you are an example of the taxidermist's art, and you will find that all three alternatives come to the same thing.

Which isn't a thing at all,  but immense and brilliantly conscious capacity for everything under and above the sun,

Douglas Harding

Source: Look for Yourself: The Science and Art of Self-Realization, Pages: 64..67

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