A Quote by Vannevar Bush on logic, mathematics, science, understanding, and world

If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get very far in our understanding of the physical world. One might as well attempt to grasp the game of poker entirely by the use of the mathematics of probability.

Vannevar Bush (1890 - 1974)

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A Quote by V. Erath on beginning, children, god, mathematics, and play

God is a child; and when he began to play, he cultivated mathematics. It is the most godly of man's games.

V. Erath

Source: Das blinde Spiel. 1954.

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A Quote by Lagadha on knowledge and mathematics

Like the crest of a peacock so is mathematics at the head of all knowledge.


Source: the Vedanga Jyotisha

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A Quote by unknown on justice, mathematics, and people

The lottery is just a tax on people who are bad at math.


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A Quote by Thomas Andrew (Tom) Lehrer on mathematics, plagiarism, research, secrets, and success

In one word he told me the secret of success in mathematics: plagiarize; only be sure always to call it . . . research.

Tom Lehrer (1928 -)

Source: Lobachevski (A musical recording.)

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A Quote by Thomas Reid on independence, leadership, mathematics, merit, science, and time

It is the invaluable merit of the great Basle mathematician Leonard Euler, to have freed the analytical calculus from all geometric bounds, and thus to have established analysis as an independent science, which from his time on has maintained an unchallenged leadership in the field of mathematics.

Thomas Reid

Source: N. Rose Mathematical Maxims and Minims, Raleigh NC:Rome Press Inc., 1988.

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A Quote by Thomas Mann on lust, mathematics, remedies, and study

I tell them that if they will occupy themselves with the study of mathematics they will find in it the best remedy against the lusts of the flesh.

Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955)

Source: The Magic Mountain. 1927.

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A Quote by Thomas Mann on behavior, impossibility, mathematics, men, students, and understanding

Some of the men stood talking in this room, and at the right of the door a little knot had formed round a small table, the center of which was the mathematics student, who ws eagerly talking. He had made the assertion that one could draw through a given point more than one parallel to a straight line; Frau Hagenström had cried out that this was impossible, and he had gone on to prove it so conclusively that his hearers were constrained to behave as though they understood.

Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955)

Source: Little Herr Friedemann.

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A Quote by T. H. Sanford on mathematics, mind, and theory

The modern, and to my mind true, theory is that mathematics is the abstract form of the natural sciences; and that it is valuable as a training of the reasoning powers not because it is abstract, but because it is a representation of actual things.

T. H. Sanford

Source: N. Rose Mathematical Maxims and Minims, Raleigh NC:Rome Press Inc., 1988.

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A Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner on anecdotes, fortune, leadership, mathematics, and theology

Theology, Mr. Fortune found, is a more accommodating subject than mathematics; its technique of exposition allows greater latitude. For instance when you are gravelled for matter there is always the moral to fall back upon. Comparisons too may be drawn, leading cases cited, types and antetypes analysed and anecdotes introduced. Except for Archimedes mathematics is singularly naked of anecdotes.

Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893 - 1978)

Source: Mr. Fortune's Maggot.

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