A Quote by Seth Godin on trust, confidence, marketing, marketers, and reputation

WHERE DOES trust come from?

This is what every marketer wants to know. Without trust, marketers know that there are no sales. Trust means the prospect believes not only that the product being sold will actually solve his problems, but that if for some reason it doesn't, the company will make good on its reputation of performance.

We happily pay a premium to buy our jewelry from a fancy store instead of from a shady character on the street. Why? Because we trust the store to sell us the real deal, while the guy with the watches in a briefcase represents substantial risks.

Corporations pay consultants billions of dollars for their advice, when they could probably find similar advice down the street at the local community college. Why the premium? Because Bain and McKinsey and the like are trusted advisers. They've built enough of a track record, and enough confidence, that they can command substantial premium.

Seth Godin

Source: Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, Pages: 79

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A Quote by Seth Godin on advertisting, marketing, commercials, and ads

Almost no one goes home eagerly anticipating junk mail in their mailbox. Almost no one read People magazine for the ads. Almost no one looks forward to a three-minute commercial interruption on must see TV.

Advertising is not why we pay attention. Yet marketers must make us pay attention for the ads to work. If they don't interrupt our train of thought by planting some sort of seed in our conscious or subconscious, the ads fail. Wasted money. If an ad falls in the forest and no one notices, there is no ad.

Seth Godin

Source: Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, Pages: 25

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A Quote by Seth Godin on dating, permission marketing, permission marketer, marketing, and advertising

The other way to get married is a lot more fun, a lot more rational, and a lot more successful. It's called dating.

A Permission Marketer goes on a date. If it goes well, the two of them go on another date. And then another. Until, after ten or twelve dates, both sides can really communicate with each other about their needs and desires. After twenty dates they meet each other's families. Finally, after three or four months of dating, the Permission Marketer proposes marriage.

Permission Marketing is just like dating. It turns stranger into friends and friends into lifetime customers. Many of the rules of dating apply, and so do many of the benefits.

Seth Godin

Source: Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, Pages: 45

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A Quote by Peter F. Drucker on business, existence, marketing, and money

A business exists because the consumer is willing to pay you his money. You run a business to satisfy the consumer. That isn't marketing. That goes way beyond marketing.

Peter F. Drucker (1909 - 2005)

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A Quote by John Scully on decisions and marketing

No great marketing decisions have ever been made on quantitative data.

John Scully

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A Quote by Greg Bulmash on animals, facts, god, good, humanity, love, marketing, nature, pain, suffering, and water

And that's the real incentive, isn't it? It's not so much the fact that you get to bask in their God's love that's the selling point, it's that you avoid damnation. Think of it like Coke putting out an ad that says 'Snapple causes muscle spasms, Pepsi is infected with AIDS, and tap-water gives you cancer. So drink Coke. Not only do we taste good, we're the only alternative to pain and suffering.' It's actually a pretty good marketing tool. Humanity, by nature, is an ambivalent animal, given to fits of inertia, and we're more than likely to sit on our noncommittal behinds unless there's a bogeyman to chase us out of our chairs.

Greg Bulmash

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A Quote by Donald Trump on facts and marketing

When Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had it to do all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line reply was: "I would get into network marketing."

Donald Trump (1946 -)

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A Quote by F. G. "Buck" Rogers on compliments, marketing, people, and sales

The ultimate compliment a customer can make to an organization about one of its marketing people is: "I'm not sure whether your sales rep works for me or for you."

Buck Rodgers

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A Quote by Brian Tracy on business, future, marketing, people, and world

The future of network marketing is unlimited. There's no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it . . . soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.

Brian Tracy

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A Quote by Albert W. Emery on discipline, ideas, marketing, thinking, and words

Marketing is merely a civilized form of warfare in which most battles are won with words, ideas, and disciplined thinking.

Albert W. Emery

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