A Quote by Jeni Harlan on life, love, soul, spirit, and mantras

There are many things,
That you don't know.
But I know these things,
That you don't know.

I know why the pain comes,
And I know how to take it away.
I know where and how it all began,
I also know when it all ends.

I know our strengths,
And I know our faults.
I know our weaknesses,
And I know our worth.

I am your soul,
You have lost me along the way.
It is time to come home to me,
Can't you hear me calling you?

When I am here, and you are here,
We feel so alive. But we are one,
We should not be seperated so,
We must reunite ourselves.

So we may know peace,
So we may know love,
So we may know joy,
And so we may know hope.

This is a personal mantra, however it is also my hope for the world.

Jeni Harlan

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