A Quote by Giordano Bruno on belief, change, majorities, people, and truth

Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people.

Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600)

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A Quote by George Norman Douglas on majorities and motives

No one can expect a majority to be stirred by motives other than ignoble.

George Norman Douglas (1868 - 1952)

Source: South Wind, 1917, ch. 10

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A Quote by George Bernard Shaw on facts, lies, majorities, people, and strength

The whole strength of England lies in the fact that the enormous majority of the English people are snobs.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

Source: Getting Married, 1908

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A Quote by "Mahatma" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on conscience, laws, and majorities

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.

Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

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A Quote by Eugene Victor Debs on change, history, majorities, minorities, and principles

When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong. The minority are right.

Eugene Victor Debs (1855 - 1926)

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A Quote by Ellen Gould Harmon White on body, death, disease, doctors, drugs, family, health, ignorance, majorities, mind, suffering, and work

The majority of the diseases which the human family have been and still are suffering under, they have created by ignorance of their own organic health, and work perseveringly to tear themselves to pieces, and when broken down and debilitated in body and mind, send for the doctor and drug themselves to death.

Ellen Gould Harmon White (1827 - 1915)

Source: 1866

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A Quote by Edward Young on death, life, majorities, and solitude

Life is the desert, life the solitude; Death joins us to the great majority.

Edward Young (1683 - 1765)

Source: The Revenge, Act IV

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A Quote by Ed Crane on america, authority, dictatorship, fascism, history, majorities, mankind, people, and religion

The history of mankind is a history of the subjugation and exploitation of a great majority of people by an elite few by what has been appropriately termed the 'ruling class'. The ruling class has many manifestations. It can take the form of a religious orthodoxy, a monarchy, a dictatorship of the proletariat, outright fascism, or, in the case of the United States, corporate statism. In each instance the ruling class relies on academics, scholars and 'experts' to legitimize and provide moral authority for its hegemony over the masses.

Ed Crane

Source: 1986

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A Quote by François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld on friendship, hatred, judgment, love, and majorities

If one judges love by the majority of its effects, it is more like hatred than like friendship.

Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680)

Source: his book, Les Maximes

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A Quote by Dr. Ian G. Macdonald on majorities and people

For the majority of people, smoking has a beneficial effect.

Dr. Ian G. Macdonald

Source: quoted in Newsweek , November, 1963.

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