A Quote by Don Miguel Ruiz on aware, power, create, dream, heaven, imagination, magic, extraordinary, and love

Let us be aware of our power to create a dream of heaven where everything is possible.  Help us to use our imagination to guide the dream of our life, the magic of our creation.  Today let something extraordinary happen that will change our life forever;   let everything we do and say be an expression of the beauty in our heart, always based on love

Miguel Ruiz

Source: Mastery of Love

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A Quote by Lena Lees on kuan yin, magic, abundance, love, highest good, higher essence, karma, and the light

 "Let the magic happen. It's always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you're in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don't forget to keep it open. Don't get too bogged down, don't limit the brightness. Reach through the dark energy and grab it. You might see the smoke coming out of the chimney and you'll even see the smoky sky. You need to reach through the smoke and bring the light to you. Remember the possibilities of something greater then are right here. Be willing to go to the lightness. Don't feed off what is not right in the world."

Lena Lees

Source: The Living Word of Kuan Yin

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A Quote by Richard David Bach on guidance, fear, protection, right livelihood, passion, magic, reason, love, sailboats, airplanes, and ideas

Whatever enchants, also guides and protects.  Passionately obsessed by anything we love - sailboats, airplanes, ideas - an avalanche of magic flattens the way ahead, levels rules, reasons, dissents, bears us with it over chasms, fears, doubts.

Richard Bach (1936 -)

Source: The Bridge Across Forever, page 25

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A Quote by Lou Reed on magic and loss


There is a little bit of magic in everything and then some loss to even things out

Lou Reed

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A Quote by Sharon R. McCarragher on magic and science

Magic is just science we don't understand yet.

Sharon McCarragher

Source: Myself, circa 1989

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A Quote by Tennessee Williams on opening, magic, tricks, truth, and illusion

Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives us illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion...

Tennessee Williams (1914 - 1983)

Source: The Glass Menagerie

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A Quote by Victoria Safford on moment, magic, love, holidays, christmas, and light

Now is the moment of magic,

when the whole, round earth turns again toward the sun,

and here's a blessing: the days will be longer and brighter now, even before the winter settles in to chill us.

Now is the moment of magic, when people beaten down and broken, with nothing left but misery and candles and their own clear voices, kindle tiny lights and whisper secret music,

and here's a blessing: the dark universe is suddenly illuminated by the lights of the menorah, suddenly ablaze with the lights of the kinara, and the whole world is glad and loud with winter singing.

Now is the moment of magic, when an eastern star beckons the ignorant toward an unknown goal,

and here's a blessing: they find nothing in the end but an ordinary baby, born at midnight, born in poverty, and the baby's cry, like bells ringing, makes people wonder as they wander through their lives, what human love might really look like, sound like, feel like.

Now is the moment of magic,

and here's a blessing: we already possess all the gifts we need; we've already received our presents: ears to hear music, eyes to behold lights, hands to build true peace on earth and to hold each other tight in love.

Victoria Safford

Source: Unitarian Universalist Mediations

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A Quote by Arthur C. Clarke on technology and magic

A sufficiently high level of technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke (1917 -)

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A Quote by Herman Hesse on magic, power, salvation, and loving

You know quite well deep within you, that there is only a single magic, a single power, a single salvation... And that is called loving.

Herman Hesse

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