A Quote by Mary Allison on lying, lies, truth, self worth, honesty, and self love

Lying to others might be wrong, but lying to yourself is just a tragedy

Mary Allison

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A Quote by unknown on fear, courage, lying, foolishness, fools, and liars

The man who claims never to have known fear is either a fool or a liar.


Source: Unknown

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A Quote by Isaac on lying and questions

If you are not expecting pious lies, then do not ask impious questions.

Isaac Perez

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A Quote by Caroline Rhea on lies, lying, and male

"You can always tell when someone's lying to you, because they're male..."

Caroline Rhea

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A Quote by Neil Strauss on flirting and lying

"It's not lying, it's flirting"

Neil Strauss

Source: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

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