A Quote by Henry David Thoreau on light, nature, reality, and winter

We sleep, and at length awake to the still reality of a winter morning.  The snow lies warm as cotton or down upon the window-sill; the broadened sash and frosted panes admit a dim and private light, which enhances the snug cheer within.  The stillness of the morning is impressive...  From the eaves and fences hang stalactites of snow, and in the yard stand stalagmites covering some concealed core.  The trees and shrubs rear white arms to the sky on every side; and where were walls and fences we see fantastic forms stretching in the frolic gambols across the dusky landscape, as if nature had strewn her fresh designs over the fields by night as models for man's art.

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

Source: Excursions

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A Quote by Edith Warton on life and light


There are two ways to spread light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith Warton

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A Quote by Taylor Benson on darkest moments and light

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."
~Taylor Benson~

Taylor Benson

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A Quote by Jan Morris on gender, light, shade, and inner music

To me gender is not physical at all, but is altogether insubstantial.  It is soul, perhaps, it is talent, it is taste, it is environment, it is how one feels, it is light and shade, it is inner music.

Jan Morris

Source: Conundrum

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A Quote by Clarence Jordan on christian, persecution, and light

One wonders why Christians today get off so easily. Is it because unchristian Americans are that much better than unchristian Romans, or is our light so dim that the tormentor can't see it? What are the things we do that are worth persecuting?

Clarence Jordan

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A Quote by White Eagle on light, divine, mother, son, bless, and heal

You are a bearer of the Light, for you are as the Divine Mother, bearing within you the Light of the Son.  Take this light out into the world to bless and to heal, and quicken the vibrations of the whole earth.

White Eagle

Source: The Quiet Mind - sayings of White Eagle

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A Quote by Van Morrison on light, nature, summer, and words

The summer breeze was blowing on your face
Within your violet you treasure your summery words
And as the shiver from my neck down to my spine
Ignited me in daylight and nature in the garden

Van Morrison

Source: In the Garden

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A Quote by Rolf Jacobsen on light, self, stars, time, and universe

If you go far enough out
you can see the Universe itself,
all the billion light years summed up time
only as a flash, just as lonely, as distant
as a star on a June night
if you go far enough out.

And still, my friend, if you go far enough out
you are only at the beginning

- of yourself.

Rolf Jacobsen

Source: Night Open: Selected Poems of Rolf Jacobsen

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A Quote by Mary Chapin Carpenter on light and moon


The light of the moon is all we've got to go on...

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Source: Luna's Gone

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A Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne on light and moon


Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting.

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864)

Source: The Complete Writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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