lifting of a stone

A Quote by William G. Morrice on light, splitting of kindling, and lifting of a stone

Let him who seeks not cease till he finds. And when he finds he will be astonished, and when he is astonished he will marvel, and will be king over all.

You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you don't know what's where you are. And you ignore the present moment.

The old man will not hesitate to ask the infant of seven days about the place of life, and he will live.

The heavens will fold and the earth before your eyes, but he who lives from the ONE will experience neither death nor fear.

I am the LIGHT which is over everything. I am the ALL. From me the ALL has gone forth, and to me the ALL has returned. Split the wood and I am there.  Lift the stone and you will find me.

He who knows everything except himself, lacks everything.

We come from the Light, from the place where the light comes into existence through itself alone.

There is a LIGHT in the LIGHT-man and it lights up the whole world.

William Morrice

Source: Hidden Sayings of Jesus: Words Attributed to Jesus Outside the Four Gospels, Pages: 111..112

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