A Quote by Frederick Neitzsche on entrepreneurship, work, and leisure

Whoever has not two-thirds of his time to himself, is a slave.

Frederick Neitzsche

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A Quote by Dag Hammarskjöld on doing, being, busy, leisure, perspective, and life

The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.

Dag Hammarskjold (1905 - 1961)

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A Quote by William Somerset Maugham on conversation, leisure, and life

Do you know that conversation is one of the greatest pleasures in life? But it wants leisure.

William Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965)

Source: The Trembling of a Leaf, 1921, ch. 3

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A Quote by William L. Bogan on blessings, education, entertainment, leisure, and world

Leisure may prove to be a curse rather than a blessing, unless education teaches a flippant world that leisure is not a synonym for entertainment.

William L. Bogan

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A Quote by William Hazlitt on leisure


The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are the more leisure we have.

William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

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A Quote by William Congreve on leisure and repentance

Married in haste, we may repent at leisure.

William Congreve (1670 - 1729)

Source: The Old Bachelor, act v. sc. 1.

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A Quote by W. M. Taylor on leisure, men, temptation, and time

Temptation rarely comes in working hours. It is in their leisure time that men are made or marred.

W. M. Taylor

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A Quote by Violet Fane on day, dreams, faith, garden, leisure, life, love, songs, and work

In green old gardens, hidden away From sight of revel and sound of strife, Here I have leisure to breathe and move, And to do my work in a nobler way; To sing my songs, and to say my say; To Dream my dreams, and to love my love; To hold my faith, and to live my life. Making the most of its shadowy day.

Violet Fane (1843 - 1905)

Source: Green Old Gardens

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A Quote by unknown on colors, leisure, and soul

The soul is covered with the color of it's leisure thoughts.


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A Quote by unknown on anxiety, belief, bureaucracy, certainty, community, concern, country, creativity, desires, family, future, ideas, leisure, life, luxury, money, nature, nostalgia, past, reward, self-reliance, technology, present, and work

It's not a single idea, but many ideas and attitudes, including a reverence for nature and a preference for country life; a desire for maximum personal self-reliance and creative leisure; a concern for family nurture and community cohesion; a certain hostility toward luxury; a belief that the primary reward of work should be well-being rather than money; a certain nostalgia for the supposed simplicities of the past and an anxiety about the technological and bureaucratic complexities of the present and the future; and a taste for the plain and functional.


Source: Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal – Philosophy

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