A Quote by Odysseas Elytis on legal, code, laws, skin, resiliency, stretching, and rules

We need a legal code that develops like our skin during our growing years.  Something both youthful and strong... So what we humans birth might surpass without oppressing us.

Odysseas Elytis

Source: Eros, Eros, Eros: Selected & Last Poems, Pages: 71 (The Little Mariner)

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A Quote by Frank on government, politics, judicial, legal, law, and misconduct

It is well past time that the American people realize they can hold those in the Judicial Branch of our government - whether federal or state, whether judicial, prosecutorial or defensive in nature - responsible for misconduct and injecting politics into government. It is time for American's to wage an intellectual revolution against, not only political correctness, moral relativism and multiculturalism but the practice of placing politics before government.

Frank Salvato

Source: The New Media Journal

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