A Quote by Colin Powell on leadership, leader, simplify, simple, debate, and solution

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution...

Colin Powell (1937 -)

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A Quote by unknown on leader and honor

The leader who exercises power with honor will work from the inside out, starting with himself.


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A Quote by Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) on leader, action, life, and wisdom

A leader is someone who compels others to positive action by the power of their own positive action.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

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A Quote by Lao Tzu on wicked, leader, people, despise, revere, and sharing limelight

The wicked leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people revere. The great leader is he who the people say, we did it ourselves.

Lao Tzu (c.604 - 531 B.C.)

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A Quote by Linda and Morris Tannehill on fear, liberty, excuse, leader, leadership, and responsibility

People who fear responsibility find it easier to call for leaders, even when those leaders may become tyrants, than to accept the risk and effort of looking for solutions to the problems that beset them.

Linda and Morris Tannehill

Source: p. 42-43; The Market for LIberty (http://www.mises.org/books/marketforliberty.pdf)

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A Quote by Liz Murray on employees, respect, fear, confident, incompetent, leadership, and leader

When you go back to your environment and you deal with employees... do you inspire people or do you make them feel fear?  Do you make them feel confident or incompetent?  I think that distinction really marks the leader.

Liz Murray

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A Quote by Jordan on intelligent, alliance, world, leader, population, people, peace, and survival

Architecturally forging an intelligent alliance with the world population for Our Destiny.

Jordan Couch

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A Quote by Robin Sharma on crazy, innovative, passionate, leader, visionary, and excellence

....Commit to excellence. Become massively innovative and wear your passion on your sleave. They might call you different or wierd or even crazy. But please remember, every great leader (or visionary or brave thinkier) was initially laughed at. Now they are revered.

Robin Sharma

Source: Greatness Guide Intl, The: Powerful Secrets for Getting to World Class, Pages: 50

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