A Quote by Takuan Soho on zen, mind, kufu, practice, experience, and bushido

We must know that it is not enough just to see what the Mind is, we must put into practice all that makes it up in our daily life. We may talk about it glibly, we may write books to explain it, but that is far from being enough. However much we may talk about water and describe it quite intelligently, that does not make it real water. So with fire. Mere talking of it will not make the mouth burn. To know what they are means to experience them in actual concreteness. A book on cooking will not cure our hunger. To feel satisfied we must have actual food. So long as we do not go beyond mere talking, we are not true knowers.

Takuan Soho (1573 - ?)

Source: Takuan's Letter to Yagyu Tajima No Kami Munenori on the Mystery of Prajna Immovable - as found in Daisetz T. Suzuki's book, Zen and Japanese Culture

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