A Quote by Walt Whitman on praise, universe, life, joy, knowledge, and curious

Praised be the fathomless universe, for life and joy, and for objects and knowledge curious.

Walt Whitman (1819 - 1892)

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A Quote by Chuang Chou, a.k.a. Chuang Tzu, Chuang Tse Chuang on tao, studying, philosophy, and knowledge

Study is to study what cannot be studied. Undertaking means undertaking what cannot be undertaken. Philosophizing is to philosophize about what cannot be philosophized about. Knowing that knowing is unknowable is true perfection.

Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC - c. 275 BC)

Source: The Book of Chuang Tzu (Arkana S.), Pages: 203..204

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A Quote by Daniel J. Boorstin on discovery, assumption, knowledge, and illusion

Throught human history, illusions of knowledge, not ignorance, have proven to be the principal obstacles to discovery

Daniel J. Boorstin (1914 -)

Source: Google Talks: Towards the First Revolution in the Mind Sciences

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A Quote by Peter F. Drucker on success and knowledge

To succeed in this new world, we will have to learn, first, who we are. Few people, even highly successful people, can answer the questions, Do you know what you're good at? Do you know what you need to learn so that you get the full benefit of your strengths? Few have even asked themselves these questions.

Peter F. Drucker (1909 - 2005)

Source: Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself:

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A Quote by Frank on government, politics, culture, knowledge, society, principles, process, popular, and misconception

When people don't understand the principles of government or understand the execution of the process of government, government suffers at the hand of popular misconception.

Frank Salvato

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A Quote by Diana on knowledge

Knowledge is useless until it is applied.

Diana David

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A Quote by Sigmund Freud on poetry and knowledge

"Poets…are masters of us ordinary men, in knowledge of the mind, because they drink at streams…not yet made accessible to science."

Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)

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A Quote by Earon on spirituality, divinity, wisdom, god, primates, knowledge, self-knowledge, duality, life, compassion, and unity

At the root of human wisdom is an understanding that we are, at once, both gods and primates.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon S. Davis

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A Quote by Earon on spirituality, metaphor, paradox, process, knowledge, wisdom, hope, truth, and patience

Spiritual concepts find their clearest expression through paradox and metaphor.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon S. Davis

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