A Quote by Mary Lightenings Eastman on knowledge, way, hunting, trail, footprint, track, road, diverging, success, and right

The way of like our old way of hunting. You begin with a mere trail -- a footprint. If you follow that faithfully, it may lead you to a clearer train-a track- a road. Later on there will be many tracks, crossing and diverging one from the other. Then you must be careful, for success lies in the choice of the right road.

Mary Lightenings Eastman

Source: Elder's Meditation of the Day - December 26 --Many Lightenings Eastman, SANTEE SIOUX

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A Quote by Walter Russell on soul, creator, beauty, music, technique, knowledge, love, sound, vibration, silence, light, divinity, truth, stillness, and god

The beauty of a piece of music is not in its technique but in the Soul of its creator; nor is it in the
sound vibrations of the piece but in the silence of the Light from which the sound springs.

Walter Russell

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A Quote by Guy Consolmagno on science, religion, knowledge, and ignorance

Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a kind of paganism - it's turning God into a nature god. And science needs religion in order to have a conscience, to know that, just because something is possible, it may not be a good thing to do.

Guy Consolmagno

Source: From an interview with The Scotsman 05/05/2006

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A Quote by John on book, relaxation, and knowledge

"Oh for a book and a shady nook."

John Wilson (1741 - 1793)

Source: Bookmark

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A Quote by Laurence Overmire on education, knowledge, generations, future, history, genealogy, poet, and genealogist

There is no nobler profession, nor no greater calling, than to be among those unheralded many who gave and give their lives to the preservation of human knowledge, passed with commitment and care from one generation to the next.

Laurence Overmire

Source: Poet, Playwright, Actor, Educator

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A Quote by unknown on knowledge

"Keep it in the dome"-Sean Dolan


Source: Sean Dolans Mouth

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A Quote by Ed McDonough on wisdom, knowledge, intuition, empowerment, meditation, love, life, and happiness

"The traveler sees there are many paths through the forest, but only the experienced guide knows the way of least resistance."

Ed McDonough

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A Quote by G. I. Gurdjieff on gnosis, self-knowledge, know thyself, knowledge, wisdom, awaken, and gurdjieff

To know all, it is necessary to know very little; but to know that very little, one must first know pretty much.

G. I. Gurdjieff

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A Quote by David Bohm on learning, knowledge, and ego

Can we learn to become more learning-oriented individually and collectively, rather than 'I know' oriented?

David Bohm

Source: Thought as a System, Pages: 36

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