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Received by Jonette Crowley on the Mediterranean island of Malta, May 2007. We believe the Goddess is Ashtatara, the Queen of Atlantis, who was buried under the island of Malta 18,000 years ago. We had been asking if we could awaken “the Dreaming Goddess” who holds the Grail Codes from Atlantis. The Goddess coming through Jonette was a complete surprise to Jonette and to the group gathered there. Jonette commented that she has not felt such power since she first brought in her guide Mark in 1990. She spoke with commanding authority.

The Goddess:

I am She who was called.

I speak with great difficulty for the distances are too large and the forgetting too deep.

I come because you called.

I come to bring you home.

I come to bring home here.

The world is nothing like you think.

You cannot think this world.

I have too much to say but perhaps I speak better without words.

I carry with me . . . . a field of awakening that requires no words.

Everything you think you know about our people is wrong and it does not help you if you get it right.

This earth is precious beyond measure.

The grail you seek can not be understood, but known through your heart.

The grail codes are in you . . . asleep in you.

And you have called me to awaken them.

It has started.

The awakening of the codes has started.

You will not feel them.

You will not see them.

You can not study them.

Only your heart knows them.

I have been protected by dragons for over 18,000 years.

They are now released.

The gates to my world are open.

Stand with all your power and receive.

STAND with all your power.

I am She who has awakened.

You are they who have awakened.

I dismiss you now.

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