A Quote by William Arthur Ward on happiness and jobs

Happiness is an inside job.

William Arthur Ward

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A Quote by William A. Niskanen on accidents, church, control, dependence, expectation, good, government, jobs, liberty, life, losing, nations, people, risk, security, television, and tragedy

Our government has become too responsive to trivial or ephemeral concerns, often at the expense of more important concerns or an erosion of our liberty, and it has made policy priorities more dependent on where TV journalists happen to point their cameras. . . . As a nation we have lost our sense of tragedy, a recognition that bad things happen to good people. A nation that expects the government to prevent churches from burning, to control the price of bread or gasoline, to secure every job, and to find some villain for every dramatic accident, risks an even larger loss of life and liberty.

William A. Niskanen

Source: “For a Less Responsive Government,” Cato Policy Report, 1996

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A Quote by Whitney M. Young, Jr. on children, college, jobs, learning, skill, and study

Black is beautiful when it is a slum kid studying to enter college, when it is a man learning new skills for a new job. . . .

Whitney M. Young (1921 - 1971)

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A Quote by W. M. Osler on jobs and success

The first step toward success in any job is to become interested in it.

W. M. Osler

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A Quote by W. J. Cameron on jobs, men, nations, and work

Dividing industry into "big" and "little" is artificial. Industry is both - that makes it Industry. Ninety-eight per cent of American industries employ less than 500 men each. Today's big industries were small within our lifetime, many of today's small industries will become big before our lifetime ends. Large industries make small industries necessary, and small industries make large ones possible. Wipe out large industries and you wipe out three-fourths of the small ones; wipe out the small ones and the large ones cannot go on. They work together. Each has a part in the nation's job.

W. J. Cameron

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A Quote by Dr. W. Edwards Deming on jobs and management

"It's management's job to know."

W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993)

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A Quote by W. Alton Jones on jobs, men, problems, and responsibility

Usually there are responsible jobs going begging because not enough men are wiring to sweat enough to master the problems involved.

W. Alton Jones

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A Quote by Vincent Lombardi on dedication, determination, jobs, success, and work

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand

Vincent Lombardi (1913 - 1970)

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A Quote by unknown on country, food, jobs, life, love, museums, painting, people, sleep, wives, and work

Why go to a museum and look at paintings if you can paint your own painting. I mean, do things for yourself. I mean, do you have somebody come in a sleep with your wife for you? Do you pay somebody to eat your food for you? I mean, do things for yourself. That's what life's about. There's so many people doing things they hate, I mean you have people running the country who all they care about is keeping their jobs - not doing their jobs. There's so little real love in any of the work that I see.


Source: What Happened Was . . .

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A Quote by unknown on jobs and study


The man who is too big to study his job, is as big as he ever will be.


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