A Quote by Woody Allen on humor and jewish

I was raised in the Jewish tradition, taught never to marry a Gentile woman, shave on Saturday and, most especially, never to shave a Gentile woman on Saturday.

Woody Allen (1935 -)

Source: Winokur, True Confessions

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A Quote by Brendan Behan on nationality, irish, jews, and jewish

Other people have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.

Brendan Behan (1923 - 1964)

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A Quote by Rav Abraham Isaac Kook on love, divine, causeless, temple, hatred, jewish, hebrew, and verse

The Second Temple was destroyed because of causeless hatred. Perhaps the Third will be rebuilt because of causeless love.

Rav Abraham Isaac Kook

Source: As cited in "Jewish Wisdom" by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.

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