A Quote by Rene Daumal on invisibility

The door to the invisible must be made visible.

Rene Daumal

Source: Mount Analogue

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A Quote by Loren Eiseley on poet, moth, alien universe, unknown, play, invisibility, and passing through

While I was sitting one night with a poet friend watching a great opera performed in a tent under arc lights, the poet took my arm and pointed silently. Far up, blundering out of the night, a huge Cecropia moth swept past from light to light over the posturings of the actors. “He doesn’t know,” my friend whispered excitedly. “He’s passing through an alien universe brightly lit but invisible to him. He’s in another play; he doesn’t see us. He doesn’t know. Maybe it’s happening right now to us.

Loren Eiseley (1907 - 1977)


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