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A Quote by Peter O. Erbe on man seeks for answers within his dream, intuition unifies, power-source, the world of love, and moon godess

    By dissection the dream man seeks for answers within his dream. To leave his vicious circle he has to unify his energy with that of his reflection, the female, for her gender wields the energy of sustenance and that is love.
    Those of us who are of male gender would do well to re-evaluate our most valued, dissection and analysing intellect, and look toward womankind as such for some answers. Intellect splits -- intuition unifies. When woman comes into knowledge of her Power-Source, we shall stand speechless before her awesome power. She represents the nourishing and sustaining aspect of God, and what is more, she knows of magic. She unifies, she does not dissect. Her energy can be likened to an aquarium, displaying clarity, yet having mysterious depths with iridescent fish dashing in the sparkling rays of sunlight piercing the water -- an entrancing scene of hues of dark greens and blues. Male energy is the one which drains the water from this bewitching world and finishes up with a salad of indefinable algae. But at least he went to the 'bottom of things', now he can file it away. That it lost its life in the process does not matter -- another hole in his curiosity is filled.
    This is the altered Ego's world. Yet it is equal value to the female energy, therefore it must be embraced as such, then it can look toward woman with open eyes and unify with her energy. The answer is to embrace one's Self first, with all its seeming shortcomings and know it is alright. This is forgiveness of one's own state of separation -- not to fight it, but to know it is in its place. It enriches the soul for the experience, but now it is time to move to unity. The first step is to look to woman with acceptance and not reject or evaluate her as incapable of doing certain things, this is invalidating her. If allowed to be herself she will humble man and he will discover all the 'things' he cannot do but which she can. The two are not in competition with each other, instead should compensate each other, for in truth they are but two parts of ONE whole.
    For each polarity to unite with its opposite reflection neither must be resisted but embraced for what it is -- and that is God. For man to evaluate woman as not being capable of this or that and for woman to believe that she must be capable of this or that is utter blindness on both their parts. Each has its own flow of energy and therefore tasks. To evaluate each in its sate of separation from union is madness indeed. Neither is functional on its own. As it is, the serpent tries to become the sword, instead of enveloping the sword. Only union will heal. To resist each other's movement is the malady -- to forgive each other's movement is the remedy.
    Woman hears an ancient song in her breast and remembers what man has long forgotten. She still knows where Santa lives. She can still lead her little ones to where the unicorn and undine play with gnome and elf, where the water-gods enchant fairyfolk -- she knows the poetry of the wind. She is a sorceress and as she passes by, fauns begin to whisper to the leprechauns that she can still tell the tale of the moon goddess on a full moon night. Blessed be she -- indeed -- for she is mystery, she knows the magic of God. A world only beknown to her and little children. The World of love.

Peter Erbe

Source: God I Am: From Tragic to Magic, Pages: 149....151

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