A Quote by Martha Stewart on integrity, success, evolve, and change

As I evolve, I hope my readers evolve, I hope my viewers evolve. And also, I think it's very important that whatever you're trying to make or sell, or teach has to be basically good. A bad product and you know what? You won't be here in ten years. You might be rich, you might be famous, but you're not going to be here in 10 years.

Martha Stewart

Source: Academy of Achievement: Martha Stewart Interview:

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A Quote by Michael Ray, Ph.D. on leadership, organization, business, principles, integrity, and creativity

Executives run organizations. In business, we need executives who have clarity, people who are in touch with themselves. Then, in leadership and management positions, they can be good role models and leaders. The people I know who have really moved their organizations are scrupulous role models. They are so clear about honesty, integrity, openness, mutual self-respect, dignity for the individual, and creativity, that they don't deviate from these principles at all in their behavior. And by doing that they generate the same kind of behavior in their organization. In that way, organizations are just like families. If you don't show complete respect or openness, it causes the same kind of Negative Love reactions in people in business as occurs in families.

Michael Ray, Ph.D.

Source: SELF-LOVE: The Ultimate Business Tool:

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A Quote by Sir Josiah Charles Stamp on dodge, responsibility, consequences, and integrity

It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.

Josiah Charles Stamp

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A Quote by Larry Brilliant on google, truthfulness, integrity, and good business

Google’s a strange place. When I met Eric Schmidt, he said, “If you are kind to everybody, then you will make good decisions because people will give you good information, and if you are truthful to everybody, they will be truthful to you.” That’s what’s different about Google. They screw up and make mistakes, but they genuinely mean the good stuff about “don’t be evil.”

Larry Brilliant

Source: Wired: Feeling Lucky:

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A Quote by James F. Stillion on honesty, integrity, bluntness, and truth

speak frankly, and the world franks with you

James Stillion

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A Quote by Blaine Jackson on heroes, heros, human rights, and integrity

We need more everyday heroes. Heroes are ordinary people who take a stand for what is right.

We need more everyday heroes like Sumner Davenport, Brenda Mueller, Cherryl Stewart and others who take a stand for human rights. These heroes act with integrity, look fear in the face, go the distance, stand against oppression and endure the cost of disappointment, betrayal and sometimes, pain.  

These everyday heroes experience immeasurable rewards for their journey. We all have the opportunity to be everyday heroes. These women show us it is possible.

Blaine Jackson

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A Quote by Jack Welch on hiring, passion, integrity, and energy

Before you even think about assessing people for a job, they have to pass through three screens. The first test is for integrity. People with integrity tell the truth, and they keep their word. The second test is for intelligence. The candidate has a strong dose of intellectual curiosity, with a breadth of knowledge to work with or lead other smart people in today's complex world. The third ticket to the game is maturity—the ability to handle stress and setbacks, and enjoy success with equal parts of joy and humility.

I then apply the "4-E (And 1-P) Framework'' for hiring that I've found consistently effective, year after year, across businesses and borders. The first E is positive energy. It means the ability to go go go—to thrive on action and relish change. The second E is the ability to energize others, and inspire them to take on the impossible. The third is edge, the courage to make tough yes-or-no decisions. The fourth E is execute—the ability to get the job done. Then I look for that final P, passion—a heartfelt, deep and authentic excitement about work.

Jack Welch

Source: Jack Welch: On Hiring, Inspiring:

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A Quote by Tom Asacker on authenticity, integrity, and business

"Authenticity schmauthenticity!" "Be authentic" is a hollow cry. It smells of the marketing puffery we chide. Instead, follow the lead of brand auteurs like Apple's Steve Jobs, Ronald Shaich of Panera Bread, Brin and Page of Google, and Disney's Robert Iger. Dream big! Stay tuned in to the changing marketplace.  Always be in beta. Have a fanatical attention to detail. Put your people at the heart of the brand, making sure that everyone understands his or her role in making the brand the star. And always, always put on a great show.

Tom Asacker

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A Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh on buddhism, action, karma, and integrity

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground upon which I stand.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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A Quote by Isadora Duncan on wildness and integrity

You were wild once... don't let them tame you!

Isadora Duncan

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