A Quote by Carl Gustav Jung on self, integration, light, and darkness

Enlightenment doesnt occur from
sitting around visualizing images of light,
but from integrating the darker aspects of the Self
into the conscious personality.

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on waves, opposites, half, halves, unity, and integration

....all the things and events we usually consider as irreconcilable, such as cause and effect, past and future, subject and object, are actually just like the crest and trough of a single wave, a single vibration.  For a wave, although itself a single event, only expresses itself through the opposites of crest and trough, high point and low point.  For that very reason, the reality is not found in the crest nor the trough alone, but in their unity...

Ken Wilber

Source: No Boundary

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A Quote by sam harris on world government, integration, religion, belief, and faith

We should, I think, look upon modern despotisms as hostage crises.  Kim Jong Il has 30 million hostages.  Saddam Hussein has twenty-five million.  The clerics in Iran have seventy million or more.  It does not matter that many hostages have been so brainwashed that they will fight their would-be liberators to the death.  They are held prisoner twice over – by tyranny and by their own ignorance.  The developed world must, somehow, come to their rescue.  Jonathon Glover seems right to suggest that we need “something along the lines of a strong and properly funded permanent UN force, together with clear criteria for intervention and an international court to authorize it.”  We can say it even more simply:  we need a world government.  How else will a war between the United States and China ever become as unlikely as a war between Texas and Vermont?  We are a very long way from even thinking about the possibility of a world government, to say nothing of creating one.  It would require a degree of economic, cultural, and moral integration that we may never achieve.  The diversity of our religious beliefs constitutes a primary obstacle here.  Given what most of us believe about God, it is at present unthinkable that human beings will ever identify themselves merely as human beings, disavowing all lesser affiliations,  World government does seem a long way off – so long that we may not survive the trip.

sam harris

Source: The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, Pages: 151

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A Quote by Earon on future, idaology, religion, species, human, primates, global, sustainability, intelligence, specialization, integration, education, hope, faith, and truth

Human cultures progress through a dance of specialization and integration.  The problem is that the human trait of abstract thinking has allowed our ability to specialize to outpace our ability to integrate knowledge.  Thus, we know more and more details about nothing particularly relevant.  Life becomes a game of trivia played between people who don't have an intrinsic understanding of who, or what, they are and who have little idea how larger social, scientific and cultural systems operate. 

All the "freedom" in the world can not solve this problem, but rather leads to greater confusion.  Lack of freedom throws us into panick and again causes confusion.  We often seek grounding in religion or political movements, but the price of suspending our disbelief is our relinquishment of authority to others no more qualified than the rest of us.  We can not afford, in our globalized, interdependent world, to turn over our otherwise intelligent minds to ideologies and theologies.  We can not afford the divisiveness and arrogance inherent when one believes that theirs is the only way, the "right" way, and that other paths are "evil" or inferior even if they work very well.

If we declare our race to be HUMAN, our religion to be KINDNESS and our nature to be A WONDERFUL SPECIES OF PRIMATES, we will gradually learn to exercise rational control over our minds, our culture and our planet.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon Davis

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A Quote by Lewis Mumford on integration, faith, hope, and love

Integration proceeds by just the opposite route: a deliberate heightening of every organic function; a release of impulses from circumstances that irrationally thwarted them; richer and more complex patterns of activity; an esthetic heightening of anticipated realizations; a steady lengthening of the future; a faith in cosmic perspectives.

Lewis Mumford (1895 -)

Source: "Love and Integration"

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A Quote by James A. Autry on work, love, passion, integration, business, ceo, poetry, and office

In every office
you hear the threads
of love and joy and fear and guilt,
the cries for celebration and reassurance,
and somehow you know that connecting those threads
is what you are supposed to do
and business takes care of itself.

James Autry

Source: Love and Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership, Pages: 26

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A Quote by Jan Sheppard on chaos, creativity, change, and integration

Within a change process is a period of not having the old way of thinking, while not yet integrating the new way of thinking, which is the chaos of creativity at an important juncture.

Jan Sheppard

Source: Sheppard, 2006

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A Quote by Toyohiko Kagawa on love, creation, and integration

Love is creation raised to a higher degree.

Toyohiko Kagawa

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A Quote by Daniel Pinchbeck on daniel pinchbeck, 2012, integration, and shadow

It is the difficult, but unavoidable, task of the modern individual to assimilate consciously all of the contents – from darkest degradation to profoundest purpose – contained in the psyche.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 114

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A Quote by Daniel Pinchbeck on daniel pinchbeck, 2012, integration, shadow, gospel of thomas, and jesus

[Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas – shadow work]

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 116

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