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This book is an awesome read, insightful, woman loving - a challenge to all spiritual seekers to rethink, re-vise, and dream anew.
-- bell hooks, professor, activist and author of national bestseller all about love.


Source: Buddha's Wife, Pages: 1

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A Quote by Micheal Teal on happiness, passion, life, soul, spirit, peace, love, insight, joy, and imagination

A happy and passionate life can be achieved if we transform limiting beliefs and listen to the voice of wisdom within our soul. The bread of life is such that if we are at one with nature we can nourish the spirits of all we cherish with insight and joy. Celebrate your passion, live together peacefully and imagine the unimaginable, do this and and yours will be an existence overflowing with peace and love.

Micheal Teal

Source: Micheal Teal - Poet, Philosopher and Shaman

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A Quote by Robert Grudin on truth, time, timing, realization, insight, and writing

Written truth is four-dimensional. If we consult it at the wrong time, or read it at the wrong place, it is as empty and shapeless as a dress on a hook.

Robert Grudin

Source: Time and the Art of Living, Pages: 141

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A Quote by Dag Hammarskjöld on love, unreciprocated, giving, loneliness, and insight

Perhaps a great love is never returned. Had it been given warmth and shelter by its counterpart in the Other, perhaps it would have been hindered from ever growing to maturity.
It "gives" us nothing.
But in its world of loneliness it leads us up to the summits with wide vistas - of great insights.

Dag Hammarskjold (1905 - 1961)

Source: Markings, The Enduring Spiritual Classic, translated from the Swedish by Leif Sjoberg & W. H. Auden, pg. 32

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A Quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on buddhas, world-honored ones, knowledge, insight, purity, understanding, enter the path, and why buddhas come

The Buddhas, the World-Honored Ones, for one great cause alone appear in the world. The Buddhas, the World-Honored Ones, appear in the world because they wish to cause the beings to hear of the Buddha's knowledge and insight and thus enable them to gain purity. They appear in the world because they wish to demonstrate the Buddha's knowledge and insight to the beings. They appear in the world because they wish to cause the beings to understand. They appear in the world because they wish to cause the beings to enter into the path of the Buddha's knowledge and insight.

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: Scripture of the lotus blossom of the fine dharma‎ - Page 30 by Leon Hurvitz, Kumārajīva

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A Quote by William Cowper on happiness, insight, grace, and recognition

He who finds thought that lets us penetrate even a little deeper into the eternal mystery of nature has been granted great grace. He who, in addition, experiences the recognition, sympathy, and help of the best minds of his times, had been given almost more happiness than one man can bear.

William Cowper (1731 - 1800)

Source: Task (bk. III, l. 41)

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A Quote by Sage Vasishtha on consciousness, pure, bondage, liberation, ignorance wisdom, inquiry, sarawati, leela, meditation, light, body, one, affirm, brahman, spiritual, and insight

There is neither unwisdom nor ignorance; neither bondage, nor liberation. There is but one pure consciousness.

Sage Vasishtha

Source: The Concise Yoga Vasistha, Pages: 56

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A Quote by Wolf Moondance on spirituality, intention, insight, knowledge, rocks, and people

To understand spiritual intention and insight is the knowledge of the rock people. Within each of us is the story of yesterday

Wolf Moondance

Source: Rainbow Medicine - A visionary guide to Native American Shamanism

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A Quote by jonathan lockwood huie on choice, choose, world, see, and insight

Choose the World You See, and See the World You Choose.

jonathan huie


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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, consciousness, determination, criticism, sentimentality, ego, insight, truth, subjectivity, objectivity, and life

Not the least of the problems in clarifying one's consciousness is developing the stoic determination to criticize one's own softness or sentimentality toward oneself. Ego, self-solicitous about its own tenderness, is the ultimate policeman over its own false consciousness, dementedly uprooting every healthy seedling of insight into the truth. As Kierkegaard remarked, most people are subjective toward themselves and objective toward all others, but the real trick and task of life is to learn to be just the very opposite.

Kenneth Smith

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