A Quote by Marvin J. Ashton on commitment, fatherhood, influence, jesus, spirit, and time

He who invites us to follow will always be out in front of us with His Spirit and influence setting the pace. He has charted and marked the course, opened the gates, and shown the way. He has invited us to come unto Him, and the best time to enjoy His companionship is straightway. We can best get on the course and stay on the course by doing as Jesus did-make a total commitment to do the will of His Father.

Marvin J. Ashton (1915 - 1994)

Source: Ensign, May 1983, pp. 30-31.

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A Quote by Martin Luther on authors, belief, duty, experience, god, hope, influence, labor, mercy, prayer, spirit, study, trust, and understanding

We cannot attain to the understanding of Scripture either by study or by the intellect. Your first duty is to begin by prayer. Entreat the Lord to grant you, of His great mercy, the true understanding of His Word. There is no other interpreter of the Word of God than the Author of this Word, as He Himself has said, "They shall be all taught of God" (John 6:45). Hope for nothing from your own labors, from your own understanding: trust solely in God, and in the influence of His Spirit. Believe this on the word of a man who has experience.

Martin Luther (1483 - 1546)

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A Quote by Marshall Field on character, dignity, duty, economics, improvement, influence, joy, kindness, obligation, patience, perseverance, pleasure, power, simplicity, success, talent, time, value, virtue, wisdom, and worth

Twelve Priceless Qualities of Success: 1. The value of time. 2. The success of perseverance. 3. The pleasure of working. 4. The dignity of simplicity. 5. The worth of character. 6. The power of kindness. 7. The influence of example. 8. The obligation of duty. 9. The wisdom of economy. 10. The virtue of patience. 11. The improvement of talent. 12. The joy of originating.

Marshall Field

Source: notes

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A Quote by Mark Twain on clothes, influence, people, and society

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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A Quote by M. Bartos on effort, influence, justice, people, and world

Courtesy is really nothing more than a form of friendliness. It is amazing what a warming influence it can have on an otherwise dreary world. It has been said that a rise of one degree Fahrenheit in the mean annual temperature of the globe would free both polar regions from their ice. it is thrilling to contemplate what frigidity might be dispelled in the world of human relations if people made just a little better effort to be friendly.

M. Bartos

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A Quote by Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on change, influence, practicality, thinking, and world

We are seeking another basic outlook: the world as an organization. This would profoundly change the categories of our thinking and influence our practical attitudes. We must envision the biosphere as a whole with mutually reinforcing or mutually destructive interdependencies.

Ludwig Von Bertalanffy

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A Quote by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay on darkness, failure, immortality, influence, literature, pain, sleep, sorrow, and tears

Wherever literature consoles sorrow or assuages pain; wherever it brings gladness to eyes which fail with wakefulness and tears, and ache for the dark house and the long sleep,-there is exhibited in its noblest form the immortal influence of Athens.

Lord Macaulay Thomas Babington (1800 - 1859)

Source: On Mitford's History of Greece. 1824. (From His Essays.)

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A Quote by Leslie Stephen on influence

The only way in which one human being can properly attempt to influence another is by encouraging him to think for himself, instead of endeavoring to instill ready-made opinions into his head.

Leslie Stephen

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A Quote by Lecomte Du Nouy on curiosity, deed, influence, intelligence, prophets, sacrifice, and saints

Man is not merely a combination of appetites, instincts, passions and curiosity. Something more is needed to explain great human deeds, virtues, sacrifices, martyrdom. There is an element in the great mystics, the saints, the prophets, whose influence has been felt for centuries, which escapes mere intelligence.

Lecomte Du Nouy

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A Quote by Kenneth Blanchard on authority, influence, leadership, and success

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.

Kenneth Blanchard

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