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Here are some sample poems from the book:

The Way I Walk

Look.  I have trekked a lifetime,
The path behind is gone.
See.  Darkness behind me,
But before me wakes the Dawn.
Know the Path is endless,
And truly just begun.
And I have walked with no one,
Yet I am not alone.
The Way I walk is Home.

                                       [March 1, 1973]


Music is a friend to me --
A playful thing, a fantasy.
A night of darkness becomes light.
A day of fear is made all right.
Anything I want to see
Is brought to me through harmony
                                    of Music.

Music can be sadness,
Music can be love.
Music can be gladness
And the strength to rise above.
In this life we seek a key --
A magic thing to set us free.
In a cage with bars of glass
Happiness is all we ask.
Many stars won't shine for me,
But I'm anything I want to be
                                    with Music.

[SONG, December 31, 1981] 

Let Go!

I've asked myself a thousand times,
Why?  Why must this be?
The suffering, injustice, a world in agony.
People live from day to day
In loneliness untold,
Praying for some miracle,
Or happiness, or gold.
As I see their misery,
Their sorrow, and their woe,
A little voice speaks soft to me,
"You've seen it, now let go."

I've asked myself a thousand times,
Why must I feel such pain?
I've tried to live a life that's true,
Yet meet with much disdain.
I give to others who gladly take
'Till nothing's left for me,
And I ask my God within,
Why?  How can this be?
Have I not felt suffering,
Felt agony, and woe?
A little voice then comes to me,
"You've felt it, now let go."

I've asked myself ten thousand times,
And now the meaning's clear.
The world is not a paradox,
The answer is right here.
The lure of earthly fortune
Is empty as the air.
The Way within holds all the Light,
To It, the world cannot compare.

And though I live within this world
Of folly and of woe,
I know full well the lesson here:
Let Go!  Let Go!  LET GO!

[December 4, 1982]

Sara O'Vivian

Source: Diary of a Seeker: a Book of Poetry, Songs, and Art

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