A Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh on impossibility, lies, love, and time

When you love someone, you do not love them all the time, in exactly the same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is even a lie to pretend to. And yet, this is exactly what most of us demand.

Anne Lindbergh (1906 -)

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A Quote by Anita Brookner on beginning, impossibility, love, and romance

The essence of romantic love is that wonderful beginning, after which sadness and impossibility may become the rule.

Anita Brookner (1938 -)

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A Quote by Andrew Marvell on birth, despair, impossibility, and love

My love is of a birth as rare As 'tis for object strange and high It was begotten by despair Upon impossibility.

Andrew Marvell (1621 - 1678)

Source: The Definition of Love, 1650-1652

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A Quote by Anatole France on belief, evil, good, impossibility, indifference, laws, life, nature, principles, and reason

It is almost impossible systematically to constitute a natural moral law. Nature has no principles. She furnishes us with no reason to believe that human life is to be respected. Nature, in her indifference, makes no distinction between good and evil.

Anatole France (1844 - 1924)

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A Quote by Alison Lurie on impossibility, language, lies, silence, and truth

We can lie in the language of dress or try ot tell the truth; but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.

Alison Lurie

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A Quote by Alice Hansche Mortenson on doubt, eternity, faith, god, impossibility, justice, life, trust, and path

Doubt cries, "It is impossible! You can't, you can't go on!" Faith softly whispers, "Yes, you can. Just trust in God. Be Calm." Doubt cries, "Look down! Your path is steep And rough with stones and briar!" Faith gently says, "I'll take your hand. It's beautiful up higher." Doubt has not one thing to give But "going back" alone; Faith has God, eternal life, And heirship to a throne! And so, on unseen eagle's wings, These feet of clay are borne. While faith within me sings and sings, We rise above the storm!

Alice Hansche Mortenson

Source: Doubt and Faith

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A Quote by Alfred North Whitehead on assumptions, change, circumstances, and impossibility

"One and one make two" assumes that the changes in the shift of circumstance are unimportant. But it is impossible for us to analyze this notion of unimportant change.

Alfred Whitehead (1861 - 1947)

Source: W.H. Auden and L. Kronenberger The Viking Book of Aphorisms, New York: Viking Press, 1966.

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A Quote by Alexander III ‘the Great' on impossibility

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC)

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A Quote by Alexander Hamilton on america, execution, government, impossibility, military, order, people, and respect

What plan for the regulation of the militia may be pursued by the national government is impossible to be foreseen...The project of disciplining all the militia of the United States is as futile as it would be injurious if it were capable of being carried into execution... Little more can reasonably be aimed at with the respect to the people at large than to have them properly armed and equipped ; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them once or twice in the course of a year.

Alexander Hamilton (c.1756 - 1804)

Source: The Federalist Papers, No. 29.

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A Quote by Albert Camus on agreement, belief, christianity, doubt, forgiveness, god, impossibility, life, listening, men, sincerity, suffering, surprises, time, and trust

I was about to tell him he was wrong to dwell on it, because it really didn't matter. But he cut me off and urged me one last time, drawing himself up to his full height and asking me if I believed in God. I said no. He sat down indignantly. He said it was impossible; all men believed in God, even those who turn their backs on him. That was his belief, and if he were ever to doubt it, his life would become meaningless. 'Do you want my life to be meaningless?' he shouted. As far as I could see, it didn't have anything to do with me, and I told him so. But from across the table he had already thrust the crucifix in my face and was screaming irrationally, 'I am a Christian. I ask Him to forgive you for sins. How can you not believe that He suffered for you?' I was struck by how sincere he seemed, but I had had enough. It was getting hotter and hotter. As always, whenever I want to get rid of someone I'm not really listening to, I made it appear as if I agreed. To my surprise, he acted triumphant. 'You see, you see!' he said. 'You do believe, don't you, and you're going to place your trust in Him, aren't you?' Obviously, I again said no. He fell back in his chair.

Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)

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