A Quote by Barbara Kingsolver on illusion

Illusions mistaken for truth are the pavement under our feet.  They are what we call civilization.

Barbara Kingsolver

Source: The Poisonwood Bible

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A Quote by George Harrison on illusion

Watch out now, take care,
Beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks
As each unconscious sufferer
Wanders aimlessly,
Beware of Maya

George Harrison

Source: Beware of Darkness

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A Quote by Joni Mitchell on illusion and life

I've looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all

Joni Mitchell

Source: Both Sides Now

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A Quote by Van Morrison on dream, illusion, and reality

Illusions and pipe dreams on the one hand
And straight reality is always cold

Van Morrison

Source: Keep It Simple

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A Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on illusion

The one thing that matters is the effort.  It continues, whereas the end to be attained is but an illusion of the climber, as he fares on and on from crest to crest; and once the goal is reached it has no meaning.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

Source: The Wisdom of the Sands

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A Quote by Sorin Cerin on illusion

Where do we people go if not towards the perfection of our own illusion?

Sorin Cerin

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A Quote by unknown on immortality, cherish, heart, true, inevitable, fear, and illusion

Immortality is but an illusion to those who fear the inevitable, for true immortality lies in the hearts of those by whom we're cherished.


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A Quote by Jake Colsen on illusion, reality, and control

"Most people live by their illusions. Never let mere appearances become your reality."

"The hardest thing you'll learn in this journey is to give up the illusion of controlling your own life"

Jake Colsen

Source: So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, Pages: 59, 78

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A Quote by unknown on illusion, samsara, life, buddhism, sutra, and world

"Regard the fleeting world like this: like stars fading and vanishing at dawn, like bubbles on a fast moving stream, like morning dewdrops evaporating on blades of grass, like a candle flickering in a strong wind; echoes, mirages, and phantoms, hallucinations, and like a dream.


Source: The Eight Similes of Illusion, from the Prajna Paramita Sutras

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A Quote by Suzanne Segal on mind, self-reflective, introspective, emptiness, illusion, within, awareness, consciousness, collision with the infinite, beyond self, no self, self realization, julie sarah powell, and bernadette roberts


There was a part of the mind - perhaps what we call the self-reflective or introspective function - that kept turning to look and, finding emptiness, kept sending the message that something was wrong. It was a reflex that had developed during the years of living in the illusion of individuality, a reflex we commonly consider necessary to our selves. We "look within" repeatedly to determine what we think and feels, to make a study of ourselves and track our states of mind and heart. Now that there was no longer an "in" to look "into", the self-reflective reflex was adrift, but persisted. It kept turning in and turning in, unable to come to terms with the fact that there was no in anymore, only emptiness.

Suzanne Segal

Source: Suzanne Segal from Collision with the Infinite p114

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