A Quote by Sorin Cerin on god, life, illusion, death, faith, and destiny


     O Lord, I am further away from me than from You!

Sorin Cerin

Source: Wisdom Collection

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A Quote by Sorin Cerin on illusion, life, love, and wisdom


  We are a being only through our Illusion of Life.

Sorin Cerin

Source: Wisdom Collection

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A Quote by Sorin Cerin on illusion, life, love, and wisdom


     Just the inexplicable wants to be understood within the nonsense of emptiness that belongs to this world of illusion.

Sorin Cerin

Source: Wisdom Collection

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A Quote by Zen Buddhism on illusion

Time is the illusion used to keep the illusion of mind going

Zen Buddhism

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A Quote by Abu Sa'id Lbn Abi-L-Khayr on existence, illusion, reality, awakening, enlightenment, and self

An hour reflecting on one's own non-existence is better than a year of religious devotions with the thought that one exists.

Abu Sa'id Lbn Abi-L-Khayr

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A Quote by John Gile on now, future, present, and illusion

The illusion
     that there will be some time in the future
           when all things will come together for us
                  interferes with our fully living today.
If we aren't living fully now,
      we never will.
The only time we ever have
      is the present.

John Gile

Source: Keeping First Things First

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A Quote by Gourasana on reincarnation, incarnation of god, spiritual guidance, enlightenment, break the cycle of birth and death, full awareness, consciousness, and illusion

For one who is truly ready to leave, to give up everything, to do anything to achieve full awareness in this lifetime...always radical means are essential in order to break free from this illusion in this lifetime.

I am Gourasana, and I make a very bold statement when I say I can guide you from this illusion – but I can.


Source: The Radical Path Home to God: Attaining a state of full awareness in your lifetime, Pages: back cover

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A Quote by Sanaya Roman on soul mate, soulmates, love, illusion, perfection, and relationship

In any soul mate relationship, you will need to let go of the illusion that there is a perfect person waiting for you who will fulfill your every expectation and give your personality everything it desires once you are together. Do not expect your ideal soul mate to be someone who is always loving and easy to get along with, who agrees with everything you say or do, and who brings you a life of ease and comfort.

Sanaya Roman

Source: Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Soul Life Series, 1)

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A Quote by Evan Harris Walker on fantasy, reality, illusion, myth, dreaming, and world

It is easy to imagine fantasy as physical and myth as real. We do it almost every moment. We do this as we dream, as we think, and as we cope with the world about us. But these worlds of fantasy that we form into the solid things around us are the source of our discontent. They inspire our search to find ourselves.

Evan Walker

Source: The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life, Pages: 1

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A Quote by Ludwig Börne on illusion and truth

losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth

Ludwig Börne

Source: Pearls of Wisdom

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