A Quote by Joseph Breck on body, exercise, food, garden, health, idleness, life, and mind

Man was not made to rust out in idleness. A degree of exercise is as necessary for the preservation of health, both of body and mind, as his daily food. And what exercise is more fitting, or more appropriate of one who is in the decline of life, than that of superintending a well-ordered garden? What more enlivens the sinking mind? What is more conducive to a long life?

Joseph Breck

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A Quote by John Ruskin on husbands, idleness, lovers, mystery, power, sons, and world

Will you not covet such power as this, and seek such throne as this, and be no more housewives, but queens? There is no putting by that crown; queens you must always be; queens to your lovers; queens to your husbands and sons; queens of higher mystery to the world beyond. . . . But alas! you are too often idle and careless queens, grasping at majesty in the least things, while you abdicate it in the greatest.

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

Source: Sesame and Lilies, Of Queens’ Gardens

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A Quote by John Quincy Adams on consequences, cruelty, and idleness

La molesse est douce, et sa suite est cruelle. - Idleness is sweet, and its consequences are cruel.

John Quincy Adams (1767 - 1848)

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A Quote by John Milton on clarity, dawn, dreams, history, idleness, time, and truth

By this time, like one who had set out on his way by night, and travelled through a region of smooth or idle dreams, our history now arrives on the confines, where daylight and truth meet us with a clear dawn, representing to our view, though at a far distance, true colours and shapes.

John Milton (1608 - 1674)

Source: The History of England. Book i.

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A Quote by John Milton on argument, blindness, clarity, conscience, contentment, day, friendship, guidance, heart, hope, idleness, liberty, losing, nobility, thought, women, and world

Cyriac, this three years' day these eyes, though clear, To outward view, of blemish or of spot, Bereft of light, their seeing have forgot; Nor to their idle orbs doth sight appear Of sun, or moon, or star, throughout the year, Or man, or woman. Yet I argue not Against Heav'n's hand or will, nor bate a jot Of heart or hope; but still bear up and steer Right onward. What supports me, dost thou ask? The conscience, Friend, t' have lost them overplied In liberty's defence, my noble task, Of which all Europe rings from side to side. This thought might lead me through the world's vain mask Content, though blind, had I no better guide.

John Milton (1608 - 1674)

Source: Sonnet XXII, To The Same (Cyriac Skinner)

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A Quote by John Lubbock on day, idleness, lies, listening, rest, time, and water

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.

John Lubbock

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A Quote by John Locke on agriculture, army, dignity, fashion, idleness, men, profit, sports, thought, and understanding

The great men among the ancients understood very well how to reconcile manual labour with affairs of state, and thought it no lessening to their dignity to make the one the recreation to the other. That indeed which seems most generally to have employed and diverted their spare hours, was agriculture. Gideon among the Jews was taken from threshing, as well as Cincinnatus amongst the Romans from the plough, to command the armies of their countries . . . and, as I remember, Cyrus thought gardening so little beneath the dignity and grandeur of a throne, that he showed Xenophon a large field of fruit trees all of his own planting . . . Delving, planting, inoculating, or any the like profitable employments would be no less a diversion than any of the idle sports in fashion, if men could be brought to delight in them.

John Locke (1632 - 1704)

Source: Two Treatises of Government, 1698

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A Quote by John Dryden on idleness

And threat'ning France, plac'd like a painted Jove, Kept idle thunder in his lifted hand.

John Dryden (1631 - 1700)

Source: Annus Mirabilis

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A Quote by James Mackintosh on idleness and work

The frivolous work of polished idleness.

James Mackintosh (1765 - 1832)

Source: Dissertation on Ethical Philosophy, 1830, Remarks on Thomas Brown

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A Quote by Isaac Watts on devil and idleness

For Satan finds some mischief still For idle hands to do.

Isaac Watts (1674 - 1748)

Source: Divine Songs. Song xx.

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