A Quote by Ayn Rand on i and love


To say 'I love you' one must first be able to say the 'I'.

Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

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A Quote by Robert Adams on ego, i, and self


When you abide in the I you're abiding in the ego. The I is really the
ego, the small I. It turns into the Self eventually.

Robert Adams

Source: Silence Of The Heart, Pages: 81

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on zen master, nonduality, bell, and i

Like a famous Zen Master said when he got his enlightenment, "When I heard the bell ring, suddenly there was no 'I' and no 'bell,' just the ringing."

Ken Wilber

Source: Grace and Grit : Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber

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