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Rincewind shivered.  He was not, of course, an atheist; on the Disc the gods dealt severely with atheists.  On the few occasions when he had some spare change he had always made a point of dropping a few coppers into a temple coffer, somewhere, on the principle that a man needed all the friends he could get.  But usually he didn't bother the Gods, and he hoped the Gods wouldn't bother him.  Life was quite complicated enough.

Terry Pratchett (1948 -)

Source: The Color of Magic, Pages: 259

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A Quote by Zeus on humour and wisdom

This stuff is far too important to be taken seriously.


Source: "Going Deeper"

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A Quote by Michael Norton on humour, tibet, and free tibet movement

Isabel Losanda was campaigning with the Free Tibet Movement. They arranged for her to attend the AGM of BP to raise the issue of BP's investment in PetroChina, which was planning to build a pipeline through Tibet. Once she was in the meeting hall, Isabel changed into the costume of a Chinese soldier. Every time the Chair mentioned Tibet, she clapped and cheered. Every time her fellow Free Tibet protesters got to ask a question, she hurled abuse at them. And she congratulated the Chair on not letting terrorists disrupt the profits of the company. Humour is an excellent way to make a point.

Michael Norton

Source: 365 Ways To Change the World: How to Make a Difference One Day at a Time, Pages: 226

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