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A Quote by Aeschylus on pain, suffering, human condition, humanity, and life

Who except the gods can live without any pain?

Aeschylus (525 - 456 BC)

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A Quote by Thomas Carlyle on unhappiness, greatness, infinity, mortality, and human condition

Man's unhappiness, as I construe, comes of his greatness; it is because there is an Infinite in him, which with all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the Finite.

Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881)

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A Quote by Robert Grudin on intimacy, human condition, love, life, and relationship

True intimacy is a human constant. People of all types find it equally hard to achieve, equally precious to hold. Age, education, social status, make little difference here; even genius does not presuppose the talent to reveal one's self completely and completely absorb one's self in another personality. Intimacy is to love what concentration is to work: a simultaneous drawing together to attention and release of energy.

Robert Grudin

Source: Time and the Art of Living, Pages: 57

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on romance, love, experience, and human condition

The reason why the romantic love relationship is such an intense and universally sought-after experience is that it seems to offer liberation from a deep-seated state of fear, need, lack, and incompleteness that is part of the human condition in its unredeemed and unenlightened state.

Eckhart Tolle

Source: The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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A Quote by Lena Lees on kuan yin quotations, higher self, divinity, and human condition

"Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity. The human condition creates divinity in the higher self. Thus, it is very important to be human and not to shun or hate our humanity. The incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from one's trials and tribulations."

Lena Lees

Source: The Living Word of Kuan Yin: The Teachings & Prophecies of The Goddess of Compassion & Mercy

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