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Tolerance is a good cornerstone on which to build human relationships. When one
views the slaughter and suffering caused by religious intolerance throughout all
the history of man and into modern times, one can see that intolerance is a very
nonsurvival activity. Religious tolerance does not mean one cannot express his
own beliefs. It does mean that seeking to undermine or attack the religious
faith and beliefs of another has always been a short road to trouble .

Ron Hubbard

Source: The Way to Happiness

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"Clearly, the shift to a higher form of consciousness could not happen passively.  The transformation of consciousness requires not only personal work, but direct and surgically precise engagement with ecological, political, psychological, commercial, technological, and spiritual aspects of reality -- as Nietzsche noted, the deed creates the doer, "as an afterthought."  It is inconceivable that a movement to a state of higher consciousness could take place in a subconscious murk.  Such a shift could take place in only one way:  in the full light of consciousness.  To accomplish this would require the complete engagement of our will and our higher cognitive faculties.  We would have to decondition ourselves from negative programming, overcoming distractions and self-justifications and egocentric goals -- to "abandon abandonment" and "escape escapism," as I was once told in a dream -- in order to act for the greater good.  At the moment, it is unclear how much sacrifice will be necessary.  As futurist thinker Barbara Marx Hubbard writes in her book, Conscious Evolution:

If the positive innovations connect exponentially before the massive breakdowns reinforce one another, the system can repattern itself to a higher order of consciousness and freedom without the predicted economic, environmental, or social collapse....If the system could go either way, a slight intervention to assist the convergence of the positive can tip the scales of evolution in favor of the enhancement of life on Earth.

If our current civilization were to disintegrate -- a possibility that should not seem outlandish, considering the New Orleans flood, peak oil theories, and numerous ecological factors -- we might face an apocalyptic passage, forcing us to evolve at high speed.  Breakdown and breakthrough may happen simultaneously."

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 244

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