A Quote by Paulo Coelho on holidays, holy days, time, rituals, sacred, presence, and awareness

Our time on this earth is sacred, and we should celebrate every moment.
The importance of this has been completely forgotten: even religious holidays have been transformed into opportunities to go to the beach or the park or skiing.  There are no more rituals.  Ordinary actions can no longer be transformed into manifestations of the sacred.  We cook and complain that it's a waste of time, when we should be pouring our love into making that food.  We work and believe it's a divine curse, when we should be using our skills to bring pleasure and to spread the energy of the Mother.

Paulo Coelho

Source: The Witch of Portobello, Pages: 11-12

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A Quote by Victoria Safford on moment, magic, love, holidays, christmas, and light

Now is the moment of magic,

when the whole, round earth turns again toward the sun,

and here's a blessing: the days will be longer and brighter now, even before the winter settles in to chill us.

Now is the moment of magic, when people beaten down and broken, with nothing left but misery and candles and their own clear voices, kindle tiny lights and whisper secret music,

and here's a blessing: the dark universe is suddenly illuminated by the lights of the menorah, suddenly ablaze with the lights of the kinara, and the whole world is glad and loud with winter singing.

Now is the moment of magic, when an eastern star beckons the ignorant toward an unknown goal,

and here's a blessing: they find nothing in the end but an ordinary baby, born at midnight, born in poverty, and the baby's cry, like bells ringing, makes people wonder as they wander through their lives, what human love might really look like, sound like, feel like.

Now is the moment of magic,

and here's a blessing: we already possess all the gifts we need; we've already received our presents: ears to hear music, eyes to behold lights, hands to build true peace on earth and to hold each other tight in love.

Victoria Safford

Source: Unitarian Universalist Mediations

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A Quote by Robert Fulghum on expectations, needs, love, gifts, and holidays

How will you know someone really loves if they only meet your expectations and not your needs

Robert Fulghum (1937 -)

Source: Maybe (Maybe Not) (Maybe Not : Second Thoughts from a Secret Life), Pages: 68

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on holidays, sports, wishes, and work

If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work; But when they seldom come, they wish'd for come.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: King Henry IV, Part I, Act: I Scene: ii

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A Quote by May Sarton on chance and holidays

A holiday gives one a chance to look backward and forward, to reset oneself by an inner compass.

May Sarton

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A Quote by George Gordon, Lord Byron on holidays, motherhood, and play

There were his young barbarians all at play; There was their Dacian mother: he, their sire, Butcher'd to make a Roman holiday!

Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

Source: Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto iv. Stanza 141.

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A Quote by Clive Staples (Jack) Lewis on character, company, friendship, gifts, good, holidays, kindness, laughter, love, and talent

As all his friends will bear witness, he was a man with an outstanding gift for pastime with good company, for laughter and the love of friends - a gift which found full scope in any number of holidays and walking tours, the joyous character of his response to these being well conveyed in his letters. He had, indeed, a remarkable talent for friendship, particularly for friendship of an uproarious kind, and argumentative but never quarrelsome.

Jack Lewis (1898 - 1963)

Source: Description of C.S. Lewis the Friend by His Brother, Dr. Warren H. Lewis, December 1919:

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A Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on heart, holidays, secrets, and silence

The holiest of all holidays are those Kept by ourselves in silence and apart; The secret anniversaries of the heart.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882)

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A Quote by George Bernard Shaw on good, hell, and holidays

A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

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A Quote by Charles Lamb on death, devil, holidays, inventions, spirit, and work

Who first invented work, and bound the free And holiday-rejoicing spirit down . . . . To that dry drudgery at the desk's dead wood? . . . . Sabbathless Satan!

Charles Lamb (1775 - 1834)

Source: Work.

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