A Quote by Terence McKenna on human, history, gaia, and dream

Human history is a Gaian dream.

Terence McKenna

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, nihilism, douleia, banauseia, aristeia, humanity, personality, ideology, and history

It is inscribed necessarily in human nature that the deformation or cultic-ideological ruin of personality is always more decisively and irremediably accomplished than are any of the precarious and tentative accomplishments of aristic cultivation:  in quite different senses both eudaimonically and dysdaimonically, whoever touches a formative human soul touches eternity.  Children may literally be scarred for life by traumatic abuse that was executed for the benefit of transient doulic hungers or for evaporative banausic prosperity.  And "history" is the ever-compounding consequences of such demented dyscultures and nihilist priorities, the long dark night of the traumatized soul from which one age or perhaps another may struggle to wake up.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by unknown on history


we will only because we did!


Source: francisca garcia

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A Quote by Anaïs Nin on women, selves, history, and feminine

We are all engaged in the task of peeling off the false selves, the programmed selves, the selves created by our families, our culture, our religions. It is an enormous task because the history of women has been as incompletely told as the history of blacks.

Anaïs Nin (1903 - 1977)

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A Quote by Robert F Kennedy, Jr. on greatness, history, and purpose

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

Robert Kennedy

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A Quote by William Clyde de Vane on history, greatness, and great

Some things have not changed since the dawn of history, and bid fair to last out time itself. One of these things is the capacity for greatness in man—his capacity for being often the master of the event —and sometimes even more—the changer of the course of history itself. This capacity for greatness is a very precious gift, and we are under a danger in our day of stifling it.

William de Vane

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on history, generations, progress, humanity, slavery, wage slaves, advancement, questions, and evolution

Thousands of years ago, weren't we capable of building enormous structures like the pyramids?  Weren't we capable of worshiping gods, weaving, making fire, finding lovers and wives, sending written messages?  Of course we were.  But although we've succeeded in replacing slaves with wage slaves, all the advances we've made have been in the field of science.  Human beings are still asking the same questions as their ancestors.  In short, they haven't evolved at all.

Paulo Coelho

Source: The Witch of Portobello, Pages: 217

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A Quote by David Spangler on world, time, heart, history, individuality, creativity, and love

At the heart of world time is the momentum of history. At the heart of personal time is the mystery and wonder of individuality. At the heart of deep, new time is the creative spirit. But at the heart of our time is love.

David Spangler

Source: David's Desk #25, Living the Times

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A Quote by David Spangler on time, history, destiny, and era

These are the times for which we were born.

David Spangler

Source: David's Desk #25, Living the Times

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A Quote by Walter Benjamin on history, progress, destruction, angel of history, paradise, storm, dead, past, catastrophe, irreversible, and angelus novus

The face of the angel of history is turned toward the past.  Where we perceived a chain of events, he sees a single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet.  The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed.  But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them.  This storm irresistably propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward.  The storm is what we call progress.

Walter Benjamin (1892 - 1940)

Source: The History Of Human Rights by Micheline Ishay, the quote is Walter Benjamin's description of Paul Klee's painting "Angelus Novus" (Angel of History)

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