A Quote by Will Rogers on earth, heroism, and life

Being a hero is about the shortest-lived profession on earth.

Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

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A Quote by Walter Lippmann on achievement, authority, cleverness, cynicism, destruction, duty, freedom, heroism, indifference, liberty, life, men, order, preparation, sacrifice, spirit, thought, tragedy, weakness, world, and elightenment

Without order or authority in the spirit of man the free way of life leads through weakness, disorganization, self-indulgence, and moral indifference to the destruction of freedom itself. The tragic ordeal through which the Western world is passing was prepared in the long period of easy liberty, during which men . . . forgot that their freedom was achieved by heroic sacrifice. . . . They forgot that their rights were founded on their duties. . . . They thought it clever to be cynical, enlightened to be unbelieving, and sensible to be soft.

Walter Lippmann (1889 - 1974)

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A Quote by Walter Lippmann on courage, duty, fulfillment, good, heroism, honesty, hope, inspiration, life, men, sacrifice, and wishes

Upon the standard to which the wise and honest will now repair it is written: You have lived the easy way; henceforth, you will live the hard way. . . . You came into a great heritage made by the insight and the sweat and the blood of inspired and devoted and courageous men; thoughtlessly and in utmost self-indulgence you have all but squandered this inheritance. Now only by the heroic virtues which made this inheritance, can you restore it again. You took the good things for granted. Now you must earn them again. . . . For every right that you cherish, you have a duty which you must fulfill. For every hope that you entertain, you have a task that you must perform. For every good that you wish to preserve, you will have to sacrifice your comfort and your ease. There is nothing for nothing any longer.

Walter Lippmann (1889 - 1974)

Source: Speech, Harvard Class of 1910, June 18, 1940. Yale University Library.

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A Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin on change, destruction, ethics, heroism, joy, life, mystery, myth, poets, reason, and religion

True myths may serve for thousands of years as an inexhaustible source of intellectual speculation, religious joy, ethical inquiry, and artistic renewal. The real mystery is not destroyed by reason. The fake one is. You look at it and it vanishes. You look at the Blonde Hero--really look--and he turns into a gerbil. But you look at Apollo, and he looks back at you. The poet Rilke looked at a statue of Apollo about fifty years ago, and Apollo spoke to him. "You must change your life," he said. When the true myth rises into consciousness, that is always its message. You must change your life.

Ursula K. Le Guin (1929 -)

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A Quote by unknown on heroism, marriage, and romance

Marriage is a romance in which the hero dies in the first chapter.


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A Quote by unknown on devil, force, heroism, labor, life, meaning, and worth

There is meaning in anyone's life: A man who had been condemned to a life of forced labor for wrong doings, was shipped to devil's island. On the high seas a fire broke out on the steamer, the convict, a strong man, was released from his handcuffs to help and he saved the lives of ten persons. His sentence was commuted for the act of heroism. If one had asked him before if his life was worth saving, he probably would have shook his head.


Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by Thomas Stearns Eliot on courage, fear, force, heroism, tears, and vices

Neither fear nor courage saves us. Unnatural vices Are fathered by our heroism. Virtues Are forced upon us by our impudent crimes. These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree.

T.S. Eliot (1888 - 1965)

Source: Gerontion, 1920

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A Quote by Tom Stoppard on capitalism, heroism, and war

War is capitalism with the gloves off and many who go to war know it but they go to war because they don't want to be a hero.

Tom Stoppard (1937 -)

Source: Travesties

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A Quote by Thomas J. Watson on art, colors, company, decisions, doubt, effort, heroism, life, love, loyalty, success, time, and work

"If you are loyal you are successful," ruminated the company paper at one time. "All useful work is raised to the plane of art when love for the task-loyalty-is fused with the effort. Loyalty is the great lubricant of life. It saves the wear and tear of making daily decisions as to what is best to do. The man who is loyal to his work is not wrung nor perplexed by doubts, he sticks to the ship, and if the ship founders he goes down like a hero with colors flying at the masthead and the band playing."

Thomas Watson (1874 - 1956)

Source: Thomas and Marva Belden in The Life of Thomas J. Watson, 1962, Little, Brown and Co.

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A Quote by Thomas Morell on heroism


See the conquering hero comes! Sound the trumpet, beat the drums!

Thomas Morell (1703 - 1784)

Source: Joshua, 1748

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