A Quote by Bono on heroes, mistakes, survived, and recoverred

My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, and recovered from them.


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A Quote by unknown on choice, empowerment, possibilities, creating reality, and heroes

Heroes choose what they want:  being in many places at once, experiencing many possibilities all at once, and then collapsing on the one.


Source: What the Bleep Do We Know!?

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A Quote by Sami Sunchild on heroes


"I am more interested in what I can create than in what I can consume, in what I can share than in what I can own, in living my own life rather than viewing others on tv or the big screen. I think for myself and choose my own heroes. My goal is to be one of them."

Sami Sunchild

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A Quote by Blaine Jackson on heroes, heros, human rights, and integrity

We need more everyday heroes. Heroes are ordinary people who take a stand for what is right.

We need more everyday heroes like Sumner Davenport, Brenda Mueller, Cherryl Stewart and others who take a stand for human rights. These heroes act with integrity, look fear in the face, go the distance, stand against oppression and endure the cost of disappointment, betrayal and sometimes, pain.  

These everyday heroes experience immeasurable rewards for their journey. We all have the opportunity to be everyday heroes. These women show us it is possible.

Blaine Jackson

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A Quote by Philip James Bailey on heroes, power, and passion

The hero is the world-man, in whose heart One passion stands for all, the most indulged.

Philip James Bailey (1816 - 1902)

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A Quote by unknown on heroes


"Heroes are those who help others unselfishly." Written by: Ruthie Baumann


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A Quote by Ronald Reagan on dreams and heroes

"We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say  we are in a time when there are no heroes, they just don't know where to look."

Ronald Reagan (1911 -)

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A Quote by Pierre Omidyar on heroes


I've been asked before, "Who are your heroes?" and these types of questions. I always find it hard to identify a single person or a single book or this sort of thing. I've always been forward looking. I was raised with the notion that you can do pretty much anything you want. You're able to accomplish anything you set out to accomplish. I was given a sense of confidence and I never really felt the need to -- or I've never had the benefit, I should probably say -- of being inspired by outside heroes.

Pierre Omidyar

Source: Academy of Achievement: Pierre Omidyar Interview: http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/omi0int-1

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A Quote by Bob Dylan on heroes, myths, legends, ideals, and commercialism

There used to be a time when the idea of heroes was important. People grew up sharing those myths and legends and ideals. Now they grow up sharing McDonalds and Disneyland. (New York, 1989)

Bob Dylan (1941 -)

Source: Bob Dylan: In His Own Words (In Their Own Words), Pages: 110

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