A Quote by Saint Ephraim the Syrain on god, truth, christianity, love, temptations, help, spirituality, evil, compassion, and protection

Like the apple of Thine eye preserve me, O Lord God; defend me and beneath Thy wings shelter me from temptations.

Saint Ephraim the Syrain


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A Quote by Saint Alexandra, Tsaritsa and New M on god, word, speech, kindness, adage, love, encouragement, inspiration, soul, and help

We must see to it that our pleasing of others always ministers to their good in some way, edifies them, adds something to their character, and makes them braver, truer, and happier.  The world is full of discouraged people, and we have the power to say a hopeful word or do a kindness which will drive the discouragement from their hearts and move them again, with strength for brave, victorious, and songful living.  Love is the greatest thing in the world.  We are to see to it that everything we do and every influence of our life shall be for our neighbor's good.  We are bound so to live that we shall do hurt to none, but shall edify---add something to the life of everyone.

Saint Alexandra Tsaritsa and New Martyer

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar

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A Quote by Abbot Nikon on god, vanity, humility, good, hope, victory, help, self, enlightenment, and holiness

In the battle with vanity, cling to the Gospel and example of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  Do not rely on yourself, but on the Lord, not only in important matters, but even in seemingly insignificant ones.  Without the Lord, we are unable to do anything truly good for ourselves, and even that which initially seems good will turn out to be harmful if we haven't asked the Lord for help or prayed about it.

Abbot Nikon

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar

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A Quote by Gerald Epstein on pain, suffering, help, and compassion

Pain is a message asking for our help.

Gerald Epstein

Source: Kabbalah for Inner Peace, Pages: 72

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A Quote by St. Macarius of Optina on god, christianity, help, trouble, enlightenment, awakening, truth, freedom, and joy

Listen!  God, Himself says, 'Call upon Me in the time of trouble so that I will hear thee and thou will praise Me'.  Afflictions confirm us in our faith, and teach us to set worldly glory at naught.  Believe firmly that no suffering or sorrow can visit us --- not a hair of our heads can fall --- with out God intending it.  Although we are always inclined to put down our misfortunes to the ill will or stupidity of other men, these are in reality, only tools in the hand of God; tools used to fashion our salvation.  Therefore take heart and pray to our Lord Who is always at work for our salvation, using to this end both what we call happiness and what we call sorrow.

St. Macarius of Optina

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A Quote by Shakespeare on grief and help


What's gone and past help, should be past grief.


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A Quote by Cecelia Ahern on help


Sometimes we need all the glue we can get, just to hold ourselves together.

Cecelia Ahern

Source: Thanks for the Memories: A Novel, Pages: 91

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A Quote by Ruth Stone on help, asking, needs, hunger, greed, and suicide

If I heard a girl crying help
I would go to save her;
But you hardly ever hear those words.
Dear children, you must try to say
Something when you are in need.
Don't confuse hunger with greed;
And don't wait until you are dead.

Ruth Stone

Source: Cries of The Spirit, Pages: 37 (from Advice)

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A Quote by Meredith Young-Sowers on spirituality, compassion, kindness, teaching, advice, and help

If people need to grow at their own rates, then you might ask, "In what way is it your opportunity to help others grow spiritually?" And I can offer two answers: first, it is appropriate to share your views when someone asks, and second, allow that you may know more of the situation, have greater insight into both the nature of the problem and the solution, than you might share with that person. A true spiritual teacher knows more than he or she necessarily verbalizes, using temperance and love to be guided to say what is appropraite without showing off his or her knowledge or saying what would not arise from the greatest care, kindness, and compassion.

Meredith Young-Sowers

Source: Agartha: Journey to the Stars, Pages: 76

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A Quote by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky on help, assistance, humanity, healing, helping, humbling, and commonality

It can be humbling to realize how much we have in common with those we attempt to help.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Source: Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others, Pages: 122

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