A Quote by Wilfred Owen on death, heaven, laughter, life, murder, myth, and soldiers

The Young Soldier It is not death Without hereafter To one in dearth Of life and its laughter, Nor the sweet murder Dealt slow and even Unto the martyr Smiling at heaven: It is the smile Faint as a (waning) myth, Faint, and exceeding small On a boy's murdered mouth.

Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918)

Source: The Young Soldier

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A Quote by Wilfred Owen on beauty, dawn, gold, heaven, songs, and spirituality

Winter Song The browns, the olives, and the yellows died, And were swept up to heaven; where they glowed Each dawn and set of sun till Christmastide, And when the land lay pale for them, pale-snowed, Fell back, and down the snow-drifts flamed and flowed. From off your face, into the winds of winter, The sun-brown and the summer-gold are blowing; But they shall gleam with spiritual glinter, When paler beauty on your brows falls snowing, And through those snows my looks shall be soft-going.

Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918)

Source: Winter Song

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A Quote by Wilford Woodruff on choice, earth, god, government, heaven, independence, men, and nobility

Those men who laid the foundation of this American government and signed he Declaration of Independence were the best spirits the God of heaven could find on the face of the earth. They were choice spirits . . . noble spirits before God. (CR, April 1898, pp. 89-90.)

Wilford Woodruff (1807 - 1898)

Source: , April 1898, pp. 89-90.

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A Quote by Washington Irving on gifts, good, heaven, mind, nature, thought, and weather

An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.

Washington Irving (1783 - 1859)

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A Quote by Wanda Loveridge on bitterness, children, decisions, devil, giving, heaven, knowledge, laughter, learning, men, and quiet

PREDICTION If I chose Not to bear this child That in me grows, Giving in To the well-respected And learned Philosophies of men, There would be No crash of thunder At my decision; No lightning burst Or loud, condemning voice From heaven, Only bitter knowledge Forever after And the quiet, pleased sound Of Satan's laughter.

Wanda Loveridge

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A Quote by W. MacNeile Dixon on heaven, life, understanding, and wishes

All finite things have their roots in the infinite, and if you wish to understand life at all, you cannot tear out its context. And that context, astounding even to bodily eyes, is the heaven of stars and the incredible procession of the great galaxies.

W. MacNeile Dixon

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A Quote by W. E. B. Du Bois on boredom, heaven, hell, life, needs, satisfaction, work, and world

The return from your work must be the satisfaction which that work brings you and the world's need of that work. With this, life is heaven, or as near heaven as you can get. Without this - with work which you despise, which bores you, and which the world does not need - this life is hell.

W. E. B. Du Bois (1868 - 1963)

Source: To His Newborn Great-Grandson; address on his 90th birthday, 1958

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A Quote by François Marie Arouet Voltaire on heaven


He who thinks himself wise, O heavens! is a great fool.

Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Source: Le Droit du Seigneur

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A Quote by Vivien Leigh on death, heaven, and shame

Scarlett: You should die of shame to leave me here alone and helpless. Rhett: You helpless? (laughs) Heaven help the Yankees if they capture you.

Vivien Leigh (1913 - 1967)

Source: As Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, 1939 — based on Margaret Mitchell's novel

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A Quote by Publius Vergilius Maro Vergil, Virgil on fatherhood and heaven

Then Heaven, the Father Almighty, comes down in fruitful showers into the lap of his joyous spouse, and his might, with her mighty frame commingling, nurtures all growths.

Virgil (70 - 19 BC)

Source: Georgics

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