A Quote by Saint Dorotheos of Gaza on god, salvation, passions, habits, traps, suffering, evil, hell, delusion, and truth

Believe me, brethren, even if someone has just one passion as a habit, he will be subject to hell.  Even if we do ten good deeds and one bad one, the bad one outweighs the good.  It is like the eagle that is not captured by the snare, but only his claw is caught.  Because of this he is captured and loses all his strength.  Even if his whole body is outside the snare except just his claw can we say he has escaped?  Anytime he so desires, the person who has placed the trap can take him.  It is the same with the soul.  If it has one passion hardened into a habit, the enemy can cast it down anytime he wishes because he controls it through that passion.  It is for this reason that I will always tell you not to allow any passion to become a habit.

Saint Dorotheos of Gaza

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on madness, habits, sanity, working, and insanity

I think the big danger of madness is not madness itself, but the habit of madness.  What I discovered during the time I spent in the asylum is that I could choose madness and spend my whole life without working, doing nothing, pretending to be mad.  It was a very strong temptation..

Paulo Coelho

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A Quote by Theodore Zeldin on conversation, meeting, minds, memories, habits, meet, exchange, facts, transform, reshape, implications, engage, thought, and cards

Conversation is a meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet, they don't just exchange facts: they transform them, reshape them, draw different implications from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards: it creates new cards.

Theodore Zeldin

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A Quote by Andrew Cohen on evolution, development, spirituality, habits, structure, process, and human

The Process Is You

Evolutionary philosophy and evolutionary spirituality are based upon the recognition that we are part of a miraculous process that has existed and been developing for billions of years. It reveals to us that our own personal experience of that process in all its many dimensions—inner and outer, gross and subtle—is only a very small part of an infinite unfolding. Thoughts and feelings that arise in individual consciousness reflect emotional and psychological structures, or habits, that have slowly developed over tens of thousands of years.

Some people, when they hear the word process, interpret it as meaning something inhuman. But it's actually quite the opposite. I'm not referring to a process in a flat, mechanical, materialistic sense. This process is alive. And it's you. The process is you. Indeed, what is so important about this shift of perspective is that you begin to see your own sense of self as part of a vast unfolding stream of development. Your understanding of what it means to be human expands almost infinitely, because you start to see your own humanity and your own potential for greater humanity as a result of this process, and an inherent part of this process—and as far as we know, the highest expression of this process. In this way, evolutionary spirituality enhances and enlarges to almost infinite proportions your sense of the significance of what it means to be human.

Andrew Cohen

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A Quote by Portia Nelson on life, learning, blame, habits, patterns, understanding, enlightenment, and autobiography

Chapter One of My Life.  I walk down the street. There's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in.
I am lost. I am helpless. It isn't my fault. It still takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter Two.  I walk down the same street. There's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don't see it. I fall in again. I can't believe I'm in the same place! But it isn't my fault. And it still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter Three.  I walk down the same street. There's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it there. I still fall in. It's a habit! My eyes are open. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out immediately.

Chapter Four.  I walk down the same street. There's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter Five.  I walk down a different street.

Portia Nelson

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A Quote by Pema Chodron on buddhism, patterns, karma, habits, and practice

Ordinarily we are swept away by habitual momentum and don’t interrupt our patterns slightly. When we feel betrayed or disappointed, does it occur to us to practice?

Pema Chodron

Source: The Places that Scare You : A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times (Shambhala Classics)

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A Quote by twla tharp on creativity, work, and habits

creativity is not just for artists. it's for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it's for engineers trying to solve a problem; it's for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.  . . . i will keep stressing the point about creativity being augmented by routine and habit. get used to it. . . . creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is a result of good work habits. that's it in a nutshell.

twla tharp

Source: The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

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A Quote by Walter Bagehot on public opinion, others thoughts, actions, and habits

Public opinion... requires us to think other men's thoughts, to speak other men's words, to follow other men's habits.

Walter Bagehot (1826 - 1877)

Source: www.quotegarden.com

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A Quote by Robert K. Cooper on destiny, william james, philosophy, psychology, choices, and habits

William James, a pioneer in philosophy and psychology, said, "All of life is but a mass of small choices--practical, emotional and intellectual--systematically organized for our greatness or grief." When asked if these choices could be altered, he replied, "Yes, one at a time. But we must never forget that it's not only our big dreams that shape reality...the small choices bear us irresistibly toward our destiny."           

Robert Cooper

Source: The Other 90%: How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life, Pages: xvi

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