A Quote by M J Ryan on childhood, negativity, pessimism, optimism, joy, happiness, gratitude, therapy, and change

"Like so many of us, I spent a great deal of my life....cataloging all the ways I had been injured and abused...I analyzed and categorized the whos, whats and wheres of my misery.  I was a confirmed pessimist, always able to see the dark side of anything and everything.  My belief was that life was hard and disaster was looming around every corner...Despite life's difficulties, it was my responsibility to do all the good I could and become the best person I could be...I started to notice the dearth of positive emotions in my life...I knew precious little about joy, happiness, optimism, faith and trust....That's when I learned that you don't have to be saddled for life with mental attitudes you adopted in childhood.  All of us are free to change our minds, and as we change our minds, our experiences will also change."

M J Ryan

Source: Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life, Pages: 3...5

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A Quote by Eckart Tolle on rich, wealthy, transformation, life, gratitude, present moment, loving what is, being, and bejuled coaching

Being rich/wealthy is being in touch with the fullness of life. When you are open to the present moment, what comes in, is a gratitude for "what is". When you are aligned with the present moment, there is a peace that comes, so it is like you are experiencing life for the first time, when you become present. When you are in a state of gratitude for what is ... that is really what being wealthy means

Eckart Tolle

Source: living luminaries

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A Quote by Neil Gaiman on good wishes, toasts, gratitude, and hopes

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

Neil Gaiman (1960 -)


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A Quote by Brian Andreas on life, gratitude, and beauty

She said she usually cried at least once
each day not because she was sad,
but because the world was so beautiful & life
was so short.

Brian Andreas

Source: Story People by Brian Andreas

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A Quote by Labadie Celeste on grace, gratitude, compassion, and divinity

This is how I find compassion
I stand between a tree and the sun
I remain until I can find the luminescence in aspen bark.
I continue because I seek the core of truth in every being.

This is how I find grace:
I surrender to water.
I surrender to the rock.
I obseve sensations on the surface of my skin.

This is how I practice gratitude:
I peel a tangerine.
I give away all it's quarter moon sections,
Allowing the fruit of  service to introduce me to strangers.

With open palms,
I walk into the fire of life.
The soul needs no shelter from the sun.
I remember that everything is a part of me.

In my world
I seek the divinity of all things.
Finding an eagle  feather on the corner of mystery,
I pick it up, holding it between my body and the sun.
                                                                                             Celeste Labadie 2003

Labadie Celeste

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A Quote by unknown on gratitude, enlightenment, praising, and vibration

Gratitude is the attitude of Enlightenment.
Praising is the raising of Vibration.


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A Quote by unknown on gratitude, silence, and truth

Gratitude creates a silence from which truth can arise.


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A Quote by Mary Summer Rain on happiness, time, and gratitude

"Waste not time searching for happiness.
Freeze frame time,
Still the moment, and observe the happiness that already surrounds you."

Mary Rain

Source: Pinecones

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A Quote by unknown on gratitude, love, joy, and ego-death

  I see every day a gift in love and gratitude. An open book where I get to choose what brings me joy and peace.

  You will hear that you must kill the ego. Sort of an internal suicide . You will hear that you must meditate, understand scripture, be at one with the universe, practice vigilance, discover who you really are, and other profoundities that appeal to your mind. Such a strong belief that cause creates effect! Relax - none of this is necessary. Grace will come or it will not. All the rest is of no use at all.


Source: unknown

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A Quote by Cheri Huber on kindness, gratitude, world, compliment, and meditation

Here is my wish for you and every other child, woman, and man on the face of the earth: Spend one week saying only kind, caring things to yourself.  Say thank you at least ten times an hour, direct five toward yourself and five to the world at large.  Compliment yourself (and others) each time an effort is made.  Notice all the wonderful qualities and characteristics about yourself and those around you.  One week.  You will never go back.  And your whole life will be a glorious meditation.

Cheri Huber

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